Comment 86 for bug 565543

John Morgan (johngennymorgan) wrote :

I have an Acer Aspire 5610 running Ubuntu 10.10. My touchpad quit working completely a few months ago. I thought it was related to installing a mouse. I have tried several of the fixes on the help pages to no avail. I have the Touchpad tab in the System/Preferences/Mouse directory, but none of the options would take effect. The Synaptics touchpad is recognized by the system as per the trouble shooting tips. I Have Puppy Linux on a USB stick and tried booting from that, still no touchpad. I have Ubuntu 09.10 on a USB stick and booted from that. The mouse pad worked. I shut down the system and rebooted into my regular Ubuntu 10.10 and the touchpad worked. I am not a pro at Linux but thought this may help