Comment 45 for bug 546091

John Miller (mrmiller) wrote :

"Can you post instructions on how to use patches from this bug? We have IBM x3550 M3, but I do not know how to use these patches. 10.04.2 LTS is only on Jan 27, we cannot wait that long- we will have to install SuSE on production machines instead."

Ditto on that, and I really really don't want to install anything but Ubuntu. I know how to do everything I need to do on Ubuntu, I run it on my desktops, etc, and I really don't want to have yet another system to deal with, and if I put on servers, that means it will be there for YEARS, and I don't want that.

"Is there a LiveCD image using the kernel from the proposed repository ?

Otherwise is a bit hard to test the proposed repository, since the system can not be installed in the first place."

Ditto on that also. I see the daily builds but none of them are server images. Help! Can someone make up a 10.04 installer that all of us with these new IBMs can use?? Thank you.