Comment 19 for bug 543836

adt41287 (adamtingley) wrote :

After a few months I decided to give this a go again. I've got my RT2870 device working and working like it should! Im not sure if theres is much difference between using a card or usb dongle but ill share my configuration. Im using the Rosewill RNX EasyN1 b/g/n dongle working with N speeds. There was a new usb driver released 6/25/10. Went about installing driver as usual enabling wpa_supplicant in the os/linux/ directory. After installed copied the RT2870STA.dat to /etc/Wireless/RT2870STA/RT2870STA.dat. I did modify the file though. See below, I followed Pauls advice and included the password.

The following settings were changed in RT2870STA.dat:
CountryRegion=0 ##Changed from 5
SSID=******** ##Router SSID
WirelessMode=9 ##Changed to reflect b/g/n mode
AuthMode=WPA2PSK ##Changed from "OPEN"
WPAPSK=********* ##Router Password

Seems to be working perfect for me now.