Comment 60 for bug 510004

andoreasu (andoreasu) wrote :

I have the same problem, but I think I think the real problem here is not suspend/resume but VT handling.
using the suggestion to remove "add_parameters --quirk-no-chvt" works for me -- but only I have have only one user logged in.

If I have more than one user logged in (= more than one X server running), than one of the Xorg processes hangs and uses 100% of one CPU core. Swiching to that user's Xserver/VT (via alt+ctrl+fX or using the graphical session switcher) hangs the system.

If that happens, I have to ssh into that machine and kill -9 the Xorg process - than at least the other users session can live on.

If I add "add_parameters --quirk-no-chvt" again and resume from sleep with two users logged in than I have to press alt+ctrl+f1, alt+ctrl+fX and have a 50% chance of going to the "good" Xorg that is not hanging. If I hit the "bad" Xorg that hangs at 100% cpu, I have to ssh and kill -9 the Xorg process to make the system usable again....