Comment 2 for bug 50896

I think is a problem with ACPI. When I try to shutdown my PC, Ubuntu
does all normal things, the HDs shutdown, but fans and monitor
doesn't. The last message ''will now halt" remains there until I press
the Power Button.
There is a guy with the same problem here:

The kernel 2.6.15-23 was shutting down correctly. Only when I updated
to (and 26 too) I started to get these problems.

I don't know if it is a bug or a misconfiguration, but it's a strange thing.

Thanks for your answer.

Philipi Pinto

2006/7/17, Onkar Shinde <email address hidden>:
> What is the error? Can you please explain a bit more?
> --
> PC does not turn off in the K7 kernel 2.6.15-25