support ramdiskless boot for relevant kvm drive interfaces in -virtual

Bug #494565 reported by Scott Moser
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linux (Ubuntu)
John Johansen
John Johansen

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In working on the ec2/uec ramdisk-less boot [1] I recently verified that
the -virtual kernel has sufficient disk drivers to boot on hardware
presented by UEC.

I'd like to request that we have driver support built in to -virtual for
the other reasonable kvm interfaces. kvm man page shows the following as
options for '-drive if=':
   ide, scsi, sd, mtd, floppy, pflash, virtio.

I quickly tested vmlinuz-2.6.32-7-server kernel for amd64 and found:

- - [X] kvm if=ide (this is the same as '-hda <file>')
- - [ ] kvm if=scsi (used by eucalyptus)
- - [ ] kvm if=sd
- - [ ] kvm if=mtd
- - [ ] kvm if=floppy
- - [ ] kvm if=pflash
- - [ ] kvm if=virtio

The 'X' marks success. I previously believed 'scsi' to have worked, but
couldn't get it to function today. Of the list above, the ones that I
think are 'reasonable' or relavant are:

To test, I had disk.img.dist as a root filesystem that would boot. Then:
$ qemu-img create -f qcow2 -b disk.img.dist disk.img
$ kvm -drive file=disk.img,bus=0,index=0,if=${iface} \
    -kernel lucid-uec-amd64-vmlinuz-virtual \
    -append "nosplash single root=/dev/sda1"

Note: I'm not certain on the correctness of 'bus=0,index=0' or
effectiveness for all drivers.

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CVE References

Andy Whitcroft (apw)
tags: added: kernel-series-unknown
Scott Moser (smoser)
description: updated
description: updated
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Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

I booted recent kernels with a ramdisk in kvm, and then looked at what modules were loaded. In order to support kvm:


 module=sym53c8xx (I think that that is):

If we could flip those to 'y' and their dependencies, I think our kernel would for relevant '-drive if=' without a ramdisk.

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Triaged
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Thierry Carrez (ttx) wrote :

Re-targeted to alpha-3, however we need this as soon as possible after alpha-2 to start exercising it in dailies.

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
importance: Low → Wishlist
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Lucid):
milestone: none → lucid-alpha-3
Jos Boumans (jib)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Lucid):
importance: Wishlist → High
Nick Barcet (nijaba)
summary: - support ramdiskless boot for relavant kvm drive interfaces in -virtual
+ support ramdiskless boot for relevant kvm drive interfaces in -virtual
Andy Whitcroft (apw)
tags: added: lucid
removed: kernel-series-unknown
Andy Whitcroft (apw)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Lucid):
status: Triaged → Fix Committed
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 2.6.32-12.16

linux (2.6.32-12.16) lucid; urgency=low

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * Revert "SAUCE: acpi battery -- delay first lookup of the battery until
    first use"
  * SAUCE: acpi battery -- move first lookup asynchronous
    - LP: #507211
  * [Config] update configs to cleanup generic configs
  * [Config] disable CONFIG_X86_CPU_DEBUG for amd64
  * [Config] enable USER_NS
    - LP: #480739, #509808

  [ Heiko Carstens ]

  * (pre-stable) driver-core: fix devtmpfs crash on s390
    - LP: #512370

  [ John Johansen ]

  * [Config] for server and virtual flavours make CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2=y
    - LP: #494565
  * [Config] VIRTIO=y for server/virtual flavours
    - LP: #494565

  [ Kay Sievers ]

  * (pre-stable) Driver-Core: devtmpfs - set root directory mode to 0755
    - LP: #512370

  [ Kees Cook ]

  * SAUCE: x86: brk away from exec rand area
    - LP: #452175

  [ Leann Ogasawara ]

  * [Upstream] e1000: enhance frame fragment detection
    - CVE-2009-4536
  * [Upstream] e1000e: enhance frame fragment detection
    - CVE-2009-4538

  [ Sebastian Kapfer ]

  * (pre-stable) Input: ALPS - add interleaved protocol support (Dell E6x00
    - LP: #296610

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * inotify: do not reuse watch descriptors
    - LP: #485556
  * inotify: only warn once for inotify problems
  * revert "drivers/video/s3c-fb.c: fix clock setting for Samsung SoC
  * memcg: ensure list is empty at rmdir
  * drm/i915: remove loop in Ironlake interrupt handler
  * block: Fix incorrect reporting of partition alignment
  * x86, mce: Thermal monitoring depends on APIC being enabled
  * futexes: Remove rw parameter from get_futex_key()
  * page allocator: update NR_FREE_PAGES only when necessary
  * x86, apic: use physical mode for IBM summit platforms
  * edac: i5000_edac critical fix panic out of bounds
  * x86: SGI UV: Fix mapping of MMIO registers
  * mfd: WM835x GPIO direction register is not locked
  * mfd: Correct WM835x ISINK ramp time defines
  * ALSA: hda - Fix missing capture mixer for ALC861/660 codecs
  * V4L/DVB (13868): gspca - sn9c20x: Fix test of unsigned.
  * reiserfs: truncate blocks not used by a write
  * HID: add device IDs for new model of Apple Wireless Keyboard
  * PCI/cardbus: Add a fixup hook and fix powerpc
  * Input: pmouse - move Sentelic probe down the list
  * asus-laptop: add Lenovo SL hotkey support
  * sched: Fix cpu_clock() in NMIs, on !CONFIG_HAVE_UNSTABLE_SCHED_CLOCK
  * sparc64: Fix NMI programming when perf events are active.
  * sparc64: Fix Niagara2 perf event handling.
  * i2c: Do not use device name after device_unregister
  * i2c/pca: Don't use *_interruptible
  * serial/8250_pnp: add a new Fujitsu Wacom Tablet PC device
  * sched: Fix task priority bug
  * vfs: Fix vmtruncate() regression
  * Linux
  * x86, msr/cpuid: Register enough minors for the MSR and CPUID drivers
  * V4L/DVB (13900): gspca - sunplus: Fix bridge exchanges.
  * Staging: asus_oled: fix oops in
  * Staging: hv: fix smp problems in the hyperv core code
  * tty: fix race in tty_fasync
  * ecryptfs: use after free
  * ecryptfs: initi...


Changed in linux (Ubuntu Lucid):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

Verified this is indeed fix-released for what I was wanting. I just booted the 20100210 UEC build with if=scsi and if=virtio and no ramdisk.

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