Comment 36 for bug 464559

Chase Douglas (chasedouglas) wrote :

I got mixed up in this bug report. Part of the problem is that there are many rfkill issues on different hardware. I was working with Truxpin for a while, and his issue is different than the original issue reported in this bug. So we need to clean things up a bit to ensure we have everything handled as best we can.

Truxpin and others with different hardware than the original poster (EEE PC 1005HA), please open a new bug for your own hardware issues if you feel it is warranted. This bug will be used to track the issue on the original bug report hardware.

For those still here with the EEE PC, its been mentioned that everything used to work fine in jaunty. Are you able to help me do some testing to figure out where the issue started? The testing may involve a combination of:

* Installing jaunty alongside karmic/lucid
* Installing test kernels (may be up to 20 different kernels doing a git bisect) in jaunty and karmic/lucid

It would also be really helpful if someone would follow the guide here to report a bug upstream: If you do report a bug to the mailing list, be sure to include a link to the message here so it can be tracked. I haven't found any reports on the mailing list, so its possible that the upstream developers are unaware of the issue.