Comment 174 for bug 414560

Happy 2010 everyone! Frustrations arising from this bug shouldn't deter/dampen the mood. :)

I guess it's only another 4 months to wait before Lucid LTS, so I'm ok to wait while using WICD.

Just to share, I've experienced the system hang twice so far while using the two linux-backports-modules-* packages, both times happening while:
- wireless not being connected to an AP
- using a USB 3G modem
- performing general OpenOffice editing / light surfing of the internet.
No significant entry found in syslog.

There have also been two incidents when the system failed to boot properly, right after grub. I'm not sure if it that was due to the two backports modules though - I did not check up on syslog during the subsequent boots.

I've since removed the two backports modules, and will post again should I experience any further failed bootups or lockups of the system.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed the new kernel will make its way into the backports soon.