Comment 143 for bug 414560

Using the given driver I was able to run ndiswrapper and it seems to
work just fine now.

mlaverdiere <email address hidden> writes:

> I'm sorry if I'm crossposting with Bug #333730, but in case it might be
> useful to others, here's my experience with ath9k module/Atheros AR928X
> card, including a some workarounds I've found along the road:
> 1. Like other reporters have mentioned, the ath9k drivers provided out
> of the box by Jaunty and Karmic give really unstable and weak
> connections. In my case, installing the linux-backports-wireless-
> modules-karmic (jaunty) improves things dramatically (it gives me a
> quite stable and strong connection), while there are still some
> deassociate/reassociate issues reported here (see point 2 for the
> workaround for these issues).
> 2. I think I have managed to somewhat circumvent these issues
> (especially for streaming audio to a Soundbridge M1001 with Firefly
> Media Server), by opting for one or the other following solutions:
> a) like others have reported, using wicd instead of network-manager
> seems to solve the problem, at least in my case for the purpose of audio
> streaming.
> b) keeping network-manager, but using ndiswrapper (instead of ath9k
> module) with a Windows XP driver for the AR928X card is my preferred
> choice. See these sites to find the right XP drivers:
> driver-for-windws-7-vista-and-winxp/ (These ones work perfectly for me;
> look for v. or the atheros_v7.7.0.259_v1.26.exe file)
> (these ones work well, but without the blue led
> functionality...)
> Hope this helps.