Comment 113 for bug 414560

Hello all,

I have made a clean install of UNR 9.10 on my asus 1005 ha.

The wifi card is useless without backported modules. (Connection lost and have to stop/restart the module all the time).

With backported modules, it works fine at home. (Fast, stable connection on my WEP router).
At work, it keeps having te associate/dissociate problem that seems due to GNM.
 (Maybe it is trigger by multiple
open access points, on the same network, and GNM trying to find the same one.)

Howard, I totally agree with you. Even if my netbook is small, I am never running while browsing the web and would be happy not to have any scan happening once I am connected.
Maybe for some people, it is really cool to list all the available networks at all the time, but it is necessary at least to have a configuration option to "stop scanning when connected, for faster network connection".

Ubuntu (and sadly GNU/Linux probably at the same time) will lose a great deal of users with that one.
Especially if they realise it is a known problem coming from a "feature" ( scanning of network).

I think i had less/no problem with Kubuntu (at least on the release candidate).