Comment 79 for bug 406466

Andy Rogers (andy-rogers) wrote :

Iam really disappointed that this also has not been classed as a bug buy the server team.
from going from a simply configuration on my fstab of between Januty & Karnic.
//server/mnt /mnt/mountpoint cifs guest 0 0
//server/mnt /mnt/mountpoint cifs nounix,noserverino,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,guest 0 0

which is a big change in configuartion especially when this is not documented really well apart from on this bug report.

I would belive this should be classed as a server papercut for Lucid, and especially with it being a LTS. I expect there will be quite a few people using CIFS shares on Hardy who will jump to Lucid, and will not really know whats happened.

How can we get this reconsidered for a fix for Lucid?