Comment 26 for bug 392812

cgarre (cgarre) wrote :

I am on 2.6.31-16 64 bit and looks like it is working fine (i am able to control brightness in dell studio 1555). I had problems with ever other kernel before this, some work for 2-3 mins and then fail, but its been about 3 hours and it is still working dont know if it will fail later, but i did suspend, restart etc, and it keeps working. So its hopefully in this. I know 2.6.32 has certainly fixed it, i installed ubuntu 10.04 alpha 1, and it works but then ATI propretiary graphics wont work, hence i have issues coming up from suspend, the screen looks blurred and shakes. So i need the graphics drivers, so i went back to ubuntu 9.10 , with the hope that i will use catalyst control center to control brightness, as i always did. But then i got 2.6.31-16 in the update as soon as i installed today, so i installed and i was pleasantly surprised .. touch wood, touch wood.

i am on ubuntu 9.10 (which has kde too) , though i am running gnome.
My specs
Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit
Kernel 2.6.31-16
Dell studio 1555 - ATI Radeon HD 4000 series card.

Brightness and battery meter etc all work, and ubuntu is now able to recognize that i am unplugging etc. So ACPI is fixed. (touch wooooood). Thanks all.