Wrong power warnings + sleep

Bug #38756 reported by Trip on 2006-04-08
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linux (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

I boot up the laptop with power connected & all seems fine.
I unplug the power cord from the laptop & the warning that pops up is wrong.
Sometimes it shows the power unplugged warning, some times it doesn't.
It always shows a warning about the battery power being low & that I should plug in the power cable again. In the same message it always has the correct percentage in brackets (98%) & the icon on the desktop bar seems fine.
When I plug the power back in a new message appears, stating the same wrong low power message again & the laptop go's into sleep/suspend mode.

Tested with Dapper Flight 6 live cd & my full Breezy to Dapper upgrade install.
Sony VAIO VGN-FS215E laptop.

Trip (djturner) wrote :
Download full text (26.5 KiB)

It some time's pops up a ballon saying critical power after I plug the power lead back in too.

Output of dmesg=

[4294667.296000] HighMem zone: 0 pages, LIFO batch:0
[4294667.296000] DMI present.
[4294667.296000] ACPI: RSDP (v000 PTLTD ) @ 0x000f7520
[4294667.296000] ACPI: RSDT (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x00000000) @ 0x1f6e5d1b
[4294667.296000] ACPI: MADT (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x0000005f) @ 0x1f6e9e78
[4294667.296000] ACPI: FADT (v002 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x0000005f) @ 0x1f6e9ee0
[4294667.296000] ACPI: BOOT (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x00000001) @ 0x1f6e9fd8
[4294667.296000] ACPI: MCFG (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x0000005f) @ 0x1f6e9f9c
[4294667.296000] ACPI: SSDT (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x20030224) @ 0x1f6e618f
[4294667.296000] ACPI: SSDT (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x20030224) @ 0x1f6e5f74
[4294667.296000] ACPI: SSDT (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x20030224) @ 0x1f6e5d5b
[4294667.296000] ACPI: DSDT (v001 Sony J1 0x20050311 PTL 0x20030224) @ 0x00000000
[4294667.296000] ACPI: PM-Timer IO Port: 0x1008
[4294667.296000] ACPI: Local APIC address 0xfee00000
[4294667.296000] ACPI: LAPIC (acpi_id[0x00] lapic_id[0x00] enabled)
[4294667.296000] Processor #0 6:13 APIC version 20
[4294667.296000] ACPI: LAPIC (acpi_id[0x01] lapic_id[0x01] disabled)
[4294667.296000] ACPI: LAPIC_NMI (acpi_id[0x00] high edge lint[0x1])
[4294667.296000] ACPI: LAPIC_NMI (acpi_id[0x01] high edge lint[0x1])
[4294667.296000] ACPI: IOAPIC (id[0x01] address[0xfec00000] gsi_base[0])
[4294667.296000] IOAPIC[0]: apic_id 1, version 32, address 0xfec00000, GSI 0-23
[4294667.296000] ACPI: INT_SRC_OVR (bus 0 bus_irq 0 global_irq 2 dfl dfl)
[4294667.296000] ACPI: INT_SRC_OVR (bus 0 bus_irq 9 global_irq 9 high level)
[4294667.296000] ACPI: IRQ0 used by override.
[4294667.296000] ACPI: IRQ2 used by override.
[4294667.296000] ACPI: IRQ9 used by override.
[4294667.296000] Enabling APIC mode: Flat. Using 1 I/O APICs
[4294667.296000] Using ACPI (MADT) for SMP configuration information
[4294667.296000] Allocating PCI resources starting at 30000000 (gap: 20000000:c0000000)
[4294667.296000] Built 1 zonelists
[4294667.296000] Kernel command line: root=/dev/hda3 ro quiet splash
[4294667.296000] mapped APIC to ffffd000 (fee00000)
[4294667.296000] mapped IOAPIC to ffffc000 (fec00000)
[4294667.296000] Initializing CPU#0
[4294667.296000] PID hash table entries: 2048 (order: 11, 32768 bytes)
[4294667.296000] Detected 1496.447 MHz processor.
[4294667.296000] Using pmtmr for high-res timesource
[4294667.296000] Console: colour VGA+ 80x25
[4294667.322000] Dentry cache hash table entries: 65536 (order: 6, 262144 bytes)[4294667.323000] Inode-cache hash table entries: 32768 (order: 5, 131072 bytes)
[4294667.335000] Memory: 500272k/514944k available (1973k kernel code, 14120k reserved, 601k data, 288k init, 0k highmem)
[4294667.335000] Checking if this processor honours the WP bit even in supervisor mode... Ok.
[4294667.395000] Calibrating delay using timer specific routine.. 2995.95 BogoMIPS (lpj=1497975)
[4294667.395000] Securi...

Is this still an issue for you in 7.10 (Gutsy) or 8.04 (Hardy)?

If it is, please attach the following information to the bug report as _separate_ attachments:

 * Output of uname -a
 * Output of sudo lspci -vvnn
 * Output of sudo dmidecode
 * Try to hibernate/suspend and then restart the system and attach /var/log/kern.log.0
 * Tarball of /proc/acpi directory. You can't just tar all files because their content sometimes changes etc.
   cp -r /proc/acpi /tmp
   tar -cvjf ~/acpi.tar.bz /tmp/acpi


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