Comment 122 for bug 346691

Lorant Nemeth (loci) wrote :

I thought a short howto would be good for some people, about how to get Jaunty running on the effected systems. This is for paranoid people like me, who don't trust a system installed with an installer running the buggy kernel or booted up with it once (and have no intention to create/wait for a new installer). Note: headers might not be needed on some system, but it can not hurt (and for nvidia driver it will be needed)

- save all your data if possible
- install 64 bit intrepid
- boot up system
- upgrade to latest packages
- upgrade to jaunty, but do not restart system after upgrade finished
- wget
- wget
- wget
- dpkg -i linux*2.6.29-02062904*deb
- reboot
- make sure to select above kernel (most probably it will be the default, but it worth to check)
- install nvidia driver if needed (it's ok if you installed it on intrepid, it will be "recompilled" when you install the new kernel automatically

This way your system should not get corrupted as you'll never run the buggy kernel. Of course this way you'll download most of the packages 3 times (intrepid version, intrepid update version, jaunty version). In case there's an updated install medium, please let us know, because that way all this stuff in unnecessary.

Have a nice day! Loci