Comment 22 for bug 343371

Daniel Johansson (danjo133) wrote :

This bug affects me (10.10, 64bit) and has done so for a long time (at least 2 releases).

When having many tabs opened in google chrome (swap), compiling large projects or updating git repositories which requires disk-io, system becomes unusable (may take 15-200 seconds for mouse pointer to move from one end of screen to the next), system clock at top corner (gnome) slows down to a stand-still, all windows are greyed out etc.

This happens on both my laptops:

laptop 1) centrino duo, 4gb ram, ssd with bad controller (low iops, performance) 2.6.32 kernel
laptop 2) core i5, 3gb ram, normal harddrive. 2.6.37 kernel

Both laptops use luks to encrypt whole root-partition + swap.

Is there anything I can do to help here? (I'm a developer)