Comment 77 for bug 341681

Peter Haight (peterh-sapros) wrote :

On the off chance anyone is paying attention who knows anything about this stuff, here's some more data.

I'm uploading 6 files. Three each for my laptop with 2GB main memory installed and 4GB installed. One is cat /proc/mtrr, one is lspci -v, and the last is a copy of Xorg.log.

Also I found a program that prints mtrrs in Windows XP 32-bit (where the video works with 4GB installed) and I ran that on my laptop with 4GB installed:

Address Start Address End Memory Type

Fixed Ranges
0x00000000 0x0009ffff WriteBack
0x000a0000 0x000bffff Uncacheable
0x000c0000 0x000fffff WriteProtected