[Intrepid] Update kernel to Linux

Bug #330200 reported by Stefan Bader on 2009-02-16
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linux (Ubuntu)
Stefan Bader

Bug Description

SRU justification:

Impact: Integration of upstream stable release updates.

 [* ACPI: dock: Don't eval _STA on every show_docked sysfs read](1)
 * ACPI: Enable bit 11 in _PDC to advertise hw coord
 * agp/intel: add support for G41 chipset
 * agp/intel: Fix broken (C) symbol in device name.
 * agp/intel: Reduce extraneous PCI posting reads during init
 * e1000: fix bug with shared interrupt during reset
 * e1000: Fix PCI enable to honor the need_ioport flag
 * eeepc-laptop: fix oops when changing backlight brightness during eeepc-laptop init
 * md: Ensure an md array never has too many devices.
 * module: remove over-zealous check in __module_get()
 * prevent kprobes from catching spurious page faults
 * sgi-xp: fix writing past the end of kzalloc()'d space
 * shm: fix shmctl(SHM_INFO) lockup with !CONFIG_SHMEM
 * sound: usb-audio: handle wMaxPacketSize for FIXED_ENDPOINT devices
 * wait: prevent exclusive waiter starvation
 * x86: APIC: enable workaround on AMD Fam10h CPUs
 * ieee1394: ohci1394: increase AT req. retries, fix ack_busy_X from Panasonic camcorders and others
 * firewire: ohci: increase AT req. retries, fix ack_busy_X from Panasonic camcorders and others
 * firewire: sbp2: fix DMA mapping leak on the failure path
 * firewire: sbp2: add workarounds for 2nd and 3rd generation iPods
 * ieee1394: sbp2: add workarounds for 2nd and 3rd generation iPods
 * 8250_pci: add support for netmos 9835 IBM devices
 * ACPICA: Fix table entry truncation calculation
 * ACPI: disable ACPI cleanly when bad RSDP found
 * ACPI: proc_dir_entry 'video/VGA' already registered
 * ACPI: Skip the first two elements in the _BCL package
 * Add support for '8-port RS-232 MIC-3620 from advantech'
 * ALSA: hda - Add missing COEF initialization for ALC887
 * ALSA: hda - Add missing initialization for ALC272
 * ALSA: hda - Add quirk for FSC Amilo Xi2550
 * PCI: properly clean up ASPM link state on device remove
 * PCI: return error on failure to read PCI ROMs
 * seq_file: move traverse so it can be used from seq_read
 * seq_file: fix big-enough lseek() + read()
 * serial: set correct baud_base for Oxford Semiconductor Ltd EXSYS EX-41092 Dual 16950 Serial adapter
 * elf core dump: fix get_user use
 * XFS: set b_error from bio error in xfs_buf_bio_end_io
 * Add a reference to sunrpc in svc_addsock
 * mm: remove UP version of lru_add_drain_all()
 ** Revert "vt: fix background color on line feed"(2)
 * md: Don't try to set an array to 'read-auto' if it is already in that state.
 * md: Allow metadata_version to be updated for externally managed metadata.
 * ipw2200: fix scanning while associated
 * hso: rfkill type should be WWAN
 * dm mpath: avoid attempting to activate null path
 * ACPICA: Copy dynamically loaded tables to local buffer
    * Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: Work around ACPI corruption upon suspend on some Dell machines."(3)
 * ACPICA: Add function to dereference returned reference objects
 * ACPI: don't load acpi_cpufreq if acpi=off
 * ACPI: video: Fix reversed brightness behavior on ThinkPad SL series
 * Revert USB: option: add Pantech cards
 * USB: new id for ti_usb_3410_5052 driver
 * USB: option: New mobile broadband modems to be supported
 * USB: two more usb ids for ti_usb_3410_5052
 * USB: usb-storage: add Pentax to the bad-vendor list
 * sctp: Fix another socket race during accept/peeloff
 * genirq: NULL struct irq_desc's member 'name' in dynamic_irq_cleanup()
 * Linux

(1) Gets reverted by the release (that is the only change there)
(2) Causes ABI bump
(3) Upstream implementation replaces SAUCE patch.

Stefan Bader (smb) on 2009-02-16
Changed in linux:
assignee: nobody → stefan-bader-canonical
importance: Undecided → Medium
status: New → In Progress
Stefan Bader (smb) on 2009-02-16
description: updated
Stefan Bader (smb) on 2009-02-20
Changed in linux:
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Martin Pitt (pitti) on 2009-02-25
Changed in linux:
status: Fix Committed → Invalid
Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

Accepted linux into intrepid-proposed; please test and give feedback here. Please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you in advance!

Changed in linux:
status: New → Fix Committed
Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) wrote :

Hmm, I don't seem to be able to find the package. Is it really in the intrepid-proposed repository?

$ sudo apt-get update
$ apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.27-14-generic
  Asennettu: 2.6.27-14.30
  Ehdokas: 2.6.27-14.30
 *** 2.6.27-14.30 0
        400 http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid-proposed/main Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
$ apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.27-17-generic
W: Pakettia linux-image-2.6.27-17-generic ei löydy
$ apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.27-16-generic
W: Pakettia linux-image-2.6.27-16-generic ei löydy

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (27.1 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux - 2.6.27-14.33

linux (2.6.27-14.33) intrepid-proposed; urgency=low

  [Stefan Bader]

  * Fix FTBS due to a mysteriously missing ABI directory.

linux (2.6.27-14.32) intrepid-proposed; urgency=low

  [Stefan Bader]

  * Rebuild of 2.6.27-14.30 with 2.6.27-11.31 security patches applied

linux (2.6.27-14.30) intrepid-proposed; urgency=low

  [ Alexey Starikovskiy ]

  * SAUCE: ACPI: EC: Limit workaround for ASUS notebooks even more
    - LP: #288385

  [ Huaxu Wan ]

  * SAUCE: report rfkill changes event if interface is down
    - LP: #193970

  [ Scott James Remnant ]

  * SAUCE: floppy: Provide a PnP device table in the module.
    - LP: #255651

  [ Steve Beattie ]

  * fix apparmor memory leak on deleted file ops
    - LP: #329489

  [ Stefan Bader ]

  * Revert "ACPI: Fix compiler warnings introduced by 32 to 64 bit acpi
    - LP: #337019
  * Revert "ACPI: Change acpi_evaluate_integer to support 64-bit on 32-bit
    - LP: #337019

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * KVM: MMU: Add locking around kvm_mmu_slot_remove_write_access()
    - LP: #335097, #333409
  * ricoh_mmc: Handle newer models of Ricoh controllers
    - LP: #311932

linux (2.6.27-13.29) intrepid-proposed; urgency=low

  [ Colin Ian King ]

  * SAUCE: Bluetooth USB: fix kernel panic during suspend while streaming
    audio to bluetooth headset
    - LP: #331106, #322082

  [ Stefan Bader ]

  * Revert "SAUCE: Work around ACPI corruption upon suspend on some Dell
    machines." (replaced by stable update)
    - LP: #330200
  * Revert "SAUCE: Add back in lost commit for Apple BT Wireless Keyboard"
    (replaced by stable update)
    - LP: #330902

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Revert "vt: fix background color on line feed"
    - LP: #330200
  * ti_usb_3410_5052: support alternate firmware
    - LP: #231276
  * fuse: destroy bdi on umount
    - LP: #324921
  * fuse: fix missing fput on error
    - LP: #324921
  * fuse: fix NULL deref in fuse_file_alloc()
    - LP: #324921
  * inotify: clean up inotify_read and fix locking problems
    - LP: #324921
  * mac80211: decrement ref count to netdev after launching mesh discovery
    - LP: #324921
  * sysfs: fix problems with binary files
    - LP: #324921
  * x86, mm: fix pte_free()
    - LP: #324921
  * alpha: nautilus - fix compile failure with gcc-4.3
    - LP: #324921
  * it821x: Add ultra_mask quirk for Vortex86SX
    - LP: #324921
  * libata: pata_via: support VX855, future chips whose IDE controller use
    - LP: #324921
  * rtl8187: Add termination packet to prevent stall
    - LP: #324921
  * serial_8250: support for Sealevel Systems Model 7803 COMM+8
    - LP: #324921
  * SUNRPC: Fix a memory leak in rpcb_getport_async
    - LP: #324921
  * SUNRPC: Fix autobind on cloned rpc clients
    - LP: #324921
  * USB: fix char-device disconnect handling
    - LP: #324921
  * USB: storage: add unusual devs entry
    - LP: #324921
  * USB: usbmon: Implement compat_ioctl
    - LP: #324921
  * ALSA: hda - add another MacBook Pro 4, 1 subsystem ID
    - LP: #324921
  * ALSA: hda - Add quirk for HP DV6700 laptop
    - LP: #324921
  * ALSA: ...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Intrepid):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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