Comment 4 for bug 292619

Urop (urop) wrote :

Okay. I have made some progress. I have managed to get over the error I encountered by doing the following:

1) Install libncurses-dev because "make menuconfig" requires it: sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev
2) Run "sudo make menuconfig"
3) Unselect the xen item under Processor Type and Features > Paravirtualized Guest Support
4) Continue from step 7. of the GitKernelBuild instructions. (make dpkg clean ...)

This enabled me to compile the kernel. However, I now have a problem installing the linux image at stage 10. It claims that there is "No space left on device". Which device would that be and how do I give it more space? I have attached the error output from the "dpkg -i linux-image-....deb" command.

Thank you.