Comment 32 for bug 27233

> @Trouilliez - I don't see this problem getting fixed in Jaunty (and am setting status accordingly).

Yeah it's a bit late for Jaunty indeed ! ;-)
As long as the bug remains open for future releases, I don't mind...

> Its likely a BIOS issue, many early ACPI implementations were flawed.

I am not sure. It was working fine several years ago, with on my 7 year old nForce motherboard. It's only later, that that the bug appeared suddenly. Also, the bug happens on my current motherboard, which is very recent (P35, bought last year). So it's reasonable to think that it's more a software problem.

> Something else worth noting; the dmidecode information posted by you in
> /ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/27233/comments/19 is for an Intel ICH9 platform (which does not appear to be
> an nForce AMD as was originally reported).

Yes, last year I replace my nForce board, with a brand new Intel P35 board. I did report this fact in this bug report, see my old comment :