Comment 1 for bug 270151

Phillip Susi (psusi) wrote :

I noticed this as well and am trying to figure out if this was an accident or if it was done on purpose. I had marked bug #219393 as WONTFIX because I was told that Ubuntu specifically diverged from upstream on this behavior by initializing ignore_hpa to 1 in libata-core.c. I was told that this was done to maintain compatibility with the old ide driver which ignored the HPA, even though this was considered a bug; if the disk has an HPA the OS is supposed to honor it.

This bug and #219393 are at odds with each other, so one should be marked as fixed, and the other as WONTFIX. My question is which?

Peter, if you really want the kernel to ignore your HPA then you can do this:

echo options libata ignore_hpa=1 > /etc/modprobe.d/libata-options

If you are ignoring it then I assume your system doesn't really make use of the HPA ( because if it did and you ignored it, it would cause breakage ) and so the drive really should not have one set in the first place. It looks like you can permanently remove the HPA from a drive using a utility at