Comment 5 for bug 262927

BanjoBoy (linux-bent-lykkebo) wrote :

I have done some more testing and found that: if I boot without the pvrusb2 connected, then connect after login it does NOT load the firmware into the Hauppauge device as it should. If I then turn on my external USB HDD it will not register, so maybe the problem is in the usbcore module, like the usb devices are not registered anymore. Normally at every connect/disconnect the usbcore will log a message, but the does not happens anymore.

I reboot again without both pvrusb2 and usb hdd connected, then connect the usb hdd, it register and works, then connect the pvrusb2 and now the firmware loads, but still does not work and the /dev/video0 and /dev/radio0 devices is still not created.