Comment 11 for bug 259878

Adam McDaniel (adamrmcd) wrote :

Earlier, Intrepid used Alsa v1.0.16. Now, Intrepid uses Alsa v1.0.17.
Intrepid's alsa-kernel code does have support for the EeePC 901, However support for the 1000 is not yet included.

According to git:// this is provided by commit:
231d8534cf252135646b47e45e2149285b3df0ea : ALSA: hda - Add support of Quanta FL1

n.b.: commit 231d853 provided support for the Quanta FL1, however the author bundled the EeePC 1000 device/vendor id check in there too, subsequently treating it like a 901... Technically, only two lines of this commit need to be patched.

So, If someone wanted to support the 1000 on v1.0.17, then they'd need to import commit 231d853, *OR* just this chunk (see attached).

If Alsa v1.0.18 (or this patch) does not make it into Intrepid, then at worst the 1000 will not have Internal Microphone support, nor will the speakers/headphones mute/unmute properly. Everything else on the 1000 should work with v1.0.17.