Comment 41 for bug 259157

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 02:00:54PM -0000, Steve Netting wrote:
> I had a similar problem, wouldn't connect to wpa network. I then tried
> a combination of things, ultimately this has worked:-
> Using ath5k driver (8.10 beta with latest updates).
> Hardware Drivers (gui): none activated
> /etc/networks contains:-
> iface wlan0 inet static
> address <my static ip>
> netmask <my netmask>
> gateway <my gw>
> wpa-psk <my huge hex key - copied from another box>

could you please post your value of netmask (except the psk obviosly)? Also
please test the clear-text psk (not the hex key).

NM should properly do it then i guess. If not, please start your
system with that configuration (verify that NM tried to connect to your
AP in syslog) ... wait a while and attach your complete syslog.

 - Alexander