Comment 14 for bug 254326

I have the same problem like Mark Lanett posted before, but mybe i have some additional information for you...

First: I have the D945GCLF2 Intel Board, riding Atom 330 dual Core CPU on it, chipset is the old Intel 945 (like D945GCLF Board)

I had no problems running the plain mainboard (without PCI-Cards plugged in) on Hardy and also on Intrepid (actual kernel on both).

I can reproduce soft lockups of the CPUs on hardy AND Intrepid as well, if i follow these steps:

1: Plugin Soundcard in PCI-Slot (soundblaster xifi or terratec Aureon 5.1 PCI make no diff.)
2: Turn on PC
3: everything works fine, on genome systemmonitor are 4 Cores displayed, running fine, soundcard ( terratec) works out of the box
4: shutdown and start or restart
5: System stuckes on booting... every time
6: Unplug Soundcard
7:System starts fine again...

after step 7 you can start from step 1 again... everytime the same... maybe something with recognition of new devices from bios?

i have tested one thing until now....

after not booting up again, i set in grub acpi=no, now ubuntu starts up, but takes MUCH longer, and after looking into system-monitor in gnome, there is only 1 core displayed....

is there any information i can give to you?

sorry for my poor english :)