Activity log for bug #243707

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2008-06-28 11:44:34 molgrum bug added bug
2008-07-29 18:09:29 Brian Murray None: status New Incomplete
2008-07-29 18:09:39 Brian Murray bug added subscriber Brian Murray
2008-07-29 20:52:23 Brian Murray linux: status Incomplete Invalid
2008-08-28 23:16:55 Daniele Varrazzo title USB port keeps resetting Logitech mx500 mouse USB port keeps resetting optical mouse [was: Logitech mx500 mouse]
2008-10-08 07:23:03 SteffenS linux: status Invalid Confirmed
2008-10-08 07:23:03 SteffenS linux: statusexplanation This bug report is being closed due to your last comment regarding this being fixed with different hardware. For future reference you can manage the status of your own bugs by clicking on the current status in the yellow line and then choosing a new status in the drop down box. You can learn more about bug statuses at . Thank you again for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Feel free to submit any future bugs you may find.
2010-07-05 11:33:46 molgrum removed subscriber molgrum
2010-08-15 11:39:45 Christian Stefanescu bug added subscriber Christian Stefanescu
2010-08-15 11:40:22 Christian Stefanescu nominated for series Ubuntu Lucid
2010-08-15 11:40:22 Christian Stefanescu nominated for series Ubuntu Maverick
2010-09-12 14:07:51 Christian Stefanescu linux (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Invalid
2011-05-07 05:15:05 Andrew Fenn linux (Ubuntu): status Invalid New
2011-05-07 05:17:37 Andrew Fenn attachment added kern.log
2011-05-16 04:48:49 Brian Murray removed subscriber Brian Murray
2011-09-09 18:47:41 Simon Frettlöh bug added subscriber Simon Frettlöh
2011-09-09 18:49:03 Brad Figg linux (Ubuntu): status New Incomplete
2011-11-17 04:17:46 Launchpad Janitor linux (Ubuntu): status Incomplete Expired
2012-10-04 03:14:13 Michael A Baikov linux (Ubuntu): status Expired Confirmed
2012-10-04 03:14:38 Michael A Baikov bug added subscriber Michael A Baikov
2012-10-14 17:51:22 Christopher M. Penalver tags hardy needs-kernel-logs needs-upstream-testing
2012-10-14 17:52:35 Christopher M. Penalver linux (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Invalid