Comment 139 for bug 238208

Jior (tepanahui) wrote :

Finally, my Ricoh R5C822 works at all in Ubuntu 10.10, but first i had to do some few things.

1.- open synaptic and mark for install

2.- then restart : sudo restart -n

3.- goto software origins and enable backports

4.- then: sudo apt-get update

5.- edit the modules file : sudo gedit /etc/modules and add the sd module tifm_sd to load on start
     and make sure you have it: sudo modprobe tifm_sd
                                                 sudo modprobe tifm_core
                                                 sudo modprobe tifm_7xx1

6.- add some modules for dirs 03:01.x doing sudo modprobe raw1394 and sudo modprobe dv1394

7.-restart again, enter bios, and disable legacy floppy by selecting disable or in some bios just deactivate the boot search in a
floppy drive from the boot secuence (generally with space bar on floppy option in boot secuence, the number on the left side disappears)

8.- just in case sudo modprobe -r floppy

9.-install git doing sudo apt-get git and follow the above instructions

10.- reboot for las time and card reader should work


Do not try to pull setpci command for kernels 2.6.22 or above
And if you are using virtualbox (ose or branded) 3.2.8 or later you will need to deactivate the floppy support

I really dont know why the cause of this problem, but just for you to know, the ricoh card reader always works for me since 8.04 until 10.04, it just now in 10.10 i have the problem, but reading some forums it seems to be an old item since jaunty.

I probe SD and MMC, i dont use MS, so i dont know if MS support is present.
hope this info could help