Comment 12 for bug 222253

I'm adding to this bug, as it refers to EPIA boards, and identically the kernel does not boot, although the message in my case is slightly different:

This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU:

pae cx8

What happened is that I installed 8.04.1 server OK to USB disk, booted several times while adjusting the base system, and ONLY hit this error after installing dm-crypt, which did update-initramfs as part of the installation.

At the following boot after dm-crypt installation, the kernel got rendered unusable, giving the message above.

The particular EPIA motherboard here is low-power EK 8000EG Fanless Dual LAN model. It is slow (with 800 MHz Luke CPU), but otherwise nothing truly antique at all: has SATA and is RoHS compatible, i.e. couple of years max. And of course, I have three of them waiting for a new kernel...

What makes this particularly interesting is that the same dm-crypt installation could be completed OK with EPIA EN 12000G motherboard (with C7 CPU). In terms of encryption support, these two should be the same, I guess the CPU does not report something correctly at boot, and the dm-crypt package is the only one that expects those two features to be present?

As this Luke CPU may therefore actually support these features, is there a way to force them on via grub command line in menu.lst, or is Luke CPU a lost case with dm-crypt?

OK, VIA boards may be niche, but they are nice, low power boards for many interesting uses, and have run all other Ubuntu kernels so far, although this is the first time I try dm-crypt on any of them.