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Gufran Ansari (linuxnoobie1587) wrote :

I'm having the same issue that Matthew Ruffell has pointed out. I'm running on AMD Ryzen 5 and after updating the kernel to 5.15.0-112-generic 3 days back, I'm having a black screen on boot. I have to restart it and manually select Previous Kernal which is 5.15.0-107-generic to boot properly.

In case someone is looking for a solution, here is how I did.

If your screen is blacking out on boot then click and hold on the power button and hold it until your system is powered off. Click on the power button immediately and it'll ask you to run the system again with the latest kernel or select the previous kernel or go to Boot setting. Select kernel (or 2nd option from that). Click on 1 step back from the latest one. My latest kernel is 5.15.0-112 which is causing me issues so I'll be selecting 5.15.0-107 which is the previous version installed and click enter. Once your system boots properly you can follow the following steps to set your one older kernel as default.

1. Go to update manager
2. Click on View in upper tabs
3. Click on Linux Kernal (most probably 3rd option)
4. Select 5.15 from left panel
5. Click on 1 step back from the latest version and click on install.
6. Once the previous version is installed, click on the latest version. (In my case it's 5.15.0-112), click on remove.
7. Reboot your system. It'll work with the 5.15.0-107 kernel until you update your kernel from the update manager.

In the update manager, it'll ask you to update the kernel to the latest version. Don't update the kernel until you get the info about solving the bug. In case you did update by mistake and you ran into the issue again then follow the steps again.

Have a nice day folks.