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Matthew Ruffell (mruffell) wrote :

Hi Pramod,

Yes, this changed recently, in mantic and onward I believe.

CONFIG_DRM is set to "y" for all architectures except s390x, which is why you still see drm.ko.zst for s390x only.

In Ubuntu Noble kernel sources:


177:CONFIG_DRM policy<{'amd64': 'y', 'arm64': 'y', 'armhf': 'y', 'ppc64el': 'y', 'riscv64': 'y', 's390x': 'm'}>
178:CONFIG_DRM note<'LP: #1965303'>

The LP bug linked was:

So, the module is now built into the kernel image itself, and not shipped separately. You should still be able to use all of its features.

All the Nvidia drivers shipped in the Ubuntu repositories should be compatible with this change.

The linked LP bug did mention that:

> * Software that expects to find DRM device at /dev/dri/card0 may have a problem.
> * Some older versions of NVIDIA driver might not work properly.


> all current nvidia releases support simpledrm since last March, except 390 which has been EOL for some time now

Is this change actually causing any issues for you? What are they? What are you trying to do?

Let me know.