Comment 7 for bug 194523

Gert Kulyk (gkulyk) wrote :

>Actually i have installed the version 011 of b43-fwcutter [...]
>What do you mean exactly by "_uninstall_ the compat-linux-wireless driver"?

Ok, in that case it's a misunderstanding. When I asked you if you did install the driver from I thought about the kernel-driver (that is linux-wireless-compat and that is not really not recommended), not about the b43-fwcutter-tool.

Does your card work right now? The wlan0_rename issue is of minor importance, though this should no longer happen in hardy. You did a dist-upgrade, right? Maybe there are some left-over config-files from an earlier install, which may cause something like that. If your card works right now, you should not care about it.