Comment 15 for bug 194523

moa3333 (moa3333) wrote :

I have observed a few facts:
* the freeze happends "more offten" when i use compiz play a game or watch a video (this is true even when using nvidia driver without compiz)
* when the freeze hapeneds, if i reboot my computer, some times it will continue to hapend after only a few minutes
* once my computer restarted itself right after i restarted it manually but before entering the linux kernel!

Then i remember the history of this laptop: my video card was broken after i bough it and they replaced it with a new one for free 9 months ago. It is possible that this manual operation could have resulted in a badly mounted video card causing some times overheat to the graphical GPU not to the main CPU.

I have two "feelings":
* first of all, my feeling that this is related to nvidia driver or compiz is true in some way......
* seccond, nvidia or compiz seem to be not the cause but only what trigers the problem to occur more offten...

I have a HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop, for whoever plan to buy HP crap in the future....

If no one else is experiencing this in ubuntu, then i feel i should set this bug's state to invalid.