Comment 11 for bug 194523

moa3333 (moa3333) wrote :


I've noticed in the last few weeks that some times when the computer was frozen, when pressing the power off button for about 5 secconds, right one second before hard shuting down the system responded.

Since i've tried not to shut it down and i noticed that rarely the system gets back to normal after a few seconds, but not all the time it hapends in a resonable time. I've noticed also that if i let the computer open most of the times it is still working, but not always...

This is in my opinion a good sugestion that it is not a "real" kernel panic but only "like" a kernel panic to the end user. It is actually like the kernel is "busy" for a few secconds or some times for a few minutes and maybe more (i never waited more than a few minutes to see if it gets unblocked then).

A VERY strage thing happend after the last upgrades and my numerous changes to xorg and other... After getting back to the official packages from ubuntu (nvidia-glx-new), compiz was using 100% of the CPU and increased memory usage. It worked ok, but from time to time the mouse stopped responding a few seconds exactly like the in the bug we are investigating here. I've manged to resolve compiz CPU by changing a bit the settings and killing compiz.real a few times (i'll have to reboot now to see what happens then).

I have a feeing this bug is actually related to compiz and nvidia (maybe only on AMD64). And it is not a real kernel bug or panic. I saw other poeple experiencing complete blocking of the mouse and of the computer for a few secconds in compiz. In my case, the bug blocked the computer and the mouse for a VERY long time most of the times and some times for only a few seconds.

I wonder if this is a compiz / nvidia busy-bug instead of a kernel freeze-bug? God, i hate compiz and this buggy nvidia drivers...