Comment 0 for bug 194523

moa3333 (moa3333) wrote :

Binary package hint: linux-image

pakcage: linux-image-2.6-amd64-generic

hints: new kernel, b43 wifi driver, other reasons?

Linux ubuntu 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:13:27 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux

From time to time (every 10 to 100 minutes) the computer is frozen with no reason. It dosen't matter what i do when it freezes. With no reason, the image is frozen, the mouse is not responding, and i can't switch to any terminals either. I think the kernel is the problem.

It hapends since i've updated to the latest alpha feisty from gutsy a few days ago (so upgrade to the kernel also)

Other changes i made is installing the b43 proprietary driver for my wifi card (instead of the old ndiswrapper driver) - i do'nt know if it is because of this driver or not.

On my gutsy i only had the old nvidia driver buffer overflow in compiz, but it didnt made the kernel freeze (it slowed down the computer) so i guess it is not realted to this old bug.