Groovy update: upstream stable patchset 2021-05-28

Bug #1930095 reported by Kamal Mostafa
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linux (Ubuntu)
Kamal Mostafa

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

       upstream stable patchset 2021-05-28

                Ported from the following upstream stable releases:
                        v5.4.118, v5.10.36

       from git://

bus: mhi: core: Fix check for syserr at power_up
bus: mhi: core: Clear configuration from channel context during reset
bus: mhi: core: Sanity check values from remote device before use
s390/disassembler: increase ebpf disasm buffer size
vhost-vdpa: fix vm_flags for virtqueue doorbell mapping
ACPI: custom_method: fix potential use-after-free issue
ACPI: custom_method: fix a possible memory leak
ftrace: Handle commands when closing set_ftrace_filter file
ARM: 9056/1: decompressor: fix BSS size calculation for LLVM ld.lld
arm64: dts: marvell: armada-37xx: add syscon compatible to NB clk node
arm64: dts: mt8173: fix property typo of 'phys' in dsi node
ecryptfs: fix kernel panic with null dev_name
fs/epoll: restore waking from ep_done_scan()
mtd: spi-nor: core: Fix an issue of releasing resources during read/write
Revert "mtd: spi-nor: macronix: Add support for mx25l51245g"
mtd: spinand: core: add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE()
mtd: rawnand: atmel: Update ecc_stats.corrected counter
erofs: add unsupported inode i_format check
spi: stm32-qspi: fix pm_runtime usage_count counter
spi: spi-ti-qspi: Free DMA resources
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash in qla2xxx_mqueuecommand()
scsi: mpt3sas: Block PCI config access from userspace during reset
mmc: uniphier-sd: Fix an error handling path in uniphier_sd_probe()
mmc: uniphier-sd: Fix a resource leak in the remove function
mmc: sdhci: Check for reset prior to DMA address unmap
mmc: sdhci-pci: Fix initialization of some SD cards for Intel BYT-based controllers
mmc: block: Update ext_csd.cache_ctrl if it was written
mmc: block: Issue a cache flush only when it's enabled
mmc: core: Do a power cycle when the CMD11 fails
mmc: core: Set read only for SD cards with permanent write protect bit
mmc: core: Fix hanging on I/O during system suspend for removable cards
irqchip/gic-v3: Do not enable irqs when handling spurious interrups
cifs: Return correct error code from smb2_get_enc_key
cifs: fix out-of-bound memory access when calling smb3_notify() at mount point
cifs: detect dead connections only when echoes are enabled.
smb2: fix use-after-free in smb2_ioctl_query_info()
btrfs: handle remount to no compress during compression
x86/build: Disable HIGHMEM64G selection for M486SX
btrfs: fix metadata extent leak after failure to create subvolume
intel_th: pci: Add Rocket Lake CPU support
btrfs: fix race between transaction aborts and fsyncs leading to use-after-free
posix-timers: Preserve return value in clock_adjtime32()
fbdev: zero-fill colormap in fbcmap.c
cpuidle: tegra: Fix C7 idling state on Tegra114
bus: ti-sysc: Probe for l4_wkup and l4_cfg interconnect devices first
staging: wimax/i2400m: fix byte-order issue
spi: ath79: always call chipselect function
spi: ath79: remove spi-master setup and cleanup assignment
bus: mhi: core: Destroy SBL devices when moving to mission mode
crypto: api - check for ERR pointers in crypto_destroy_tfm()
crypto: qat - fix unmap invalid dma address
usb: gadget: uvc: add bInterval checking for HS mode
usb: webcam: Invalid size of Processing Unit Descriptor
crypto: hisilicon/sec - fixes a printing error
genirq/matrix: Prevent allocation counter corruption
usb: gadget: f_uac2: validate input parameters
usb: gadget: f_uac1: validate input parameters
usb: xhci: Fix port minor revision
PCI: PM: Do not read power state in pci_enable_device_flags()
ARM: dts: BCM5301X: fix "reg" formatting in /memory node
ARM: dts: ux500: Fix up TVK R3 sensors
x86/build: Propagate $(CLANG_FLAGS) to $(REALMODE_FLAGS)
x86/boot: Add $(CLANG_FLAGS) to compressed KBUILD_CFLAGS
efi/libstub: Add $(CLANG_FLAGS) to x86 flags
soc/tegra: pmc: Fix completion of power-gate toggling
tee: optee: do not check memref size on return from Secure World
soundwire: cadence: only prepare attached devices on clock stop
perf/arm_pmu_platform: Fix error handling
random: initialize ChaCha20 constants with correct endianness
usb: xhci-mtk: support quirk to disable usb2 lpm
fpga: dfl: pci: add device id for Intel FPGA PAC N3000
fpga: dfl: pci: add DID for D5005 PAC cards
xhci: check port array allocation was successful before dereferencing it
xhci: check control context is valid before dereferencing it.
xhci: fix potential array out of bounds with several interrupters
bus: mhi: core: Clear context for stopped channels from remove()
ARM: dts: at91: change the key code of the gpio key
tools/power/x86/intel-speed-select: Increase string size
platform/x86: ISST: Account for increased timeout in some cases
spi: dln2: Fix reference leak to master
spi: omap-100k: Fix reference leak to master
spi: qup: fix PM reference leak in spi_qup_remove()
usb: gadget: tegra-xudc: Fix possible use-after-free in tegra_xudc_remove()
usb: musb: fix PM reference leak in musb_irq_work()
usb: core: hub: Fix PM reference leak in usb_port_resume()
usb: dwc3: gadget: Check for disabled LPM quirk
tty: n_gsm: check error while registering tty devices
intel_th: Consistency and off-by-one fix
phy: phy-twl4030-usb: Fix possible use-after-free in twl4030_usb_remove()
crypto: sun8i-ss - Fix PM reference leak when pm_runtime_get_sync() fails
crypto: sun8i-ce - Fix PM reference leak in sun8i_ce_probe()
crypto: stm32/hash - Fix PM reference leak on stm32-hash.c
crypto: stm32/cryp - Fix PM reference leak on stm32-cryp.c
crypto: omap-aes - Fix PM reference leak on omap-aes.c
platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: Don't use global pmcdev in quirks
btrfs: do proper error handling in create_reloc_root
btrfs: do proper error handling in btrfs_update_reloc_root
btrfs: convert logic BUG_ON()'s in replace_path to ASSERT()'s
drm: Added orientation quirk for OneGX1 Pro
drm/qxl: release shadow on shutdown
drm/ast: Fix invalid usage of AST_MAX_HWC_WIDTH in cursor atomic_check
drm/amd/display: Check for DSC support instead of ASIC revision
drm/amd/display: Don't optimize bandwidth before disabling planes
drm/amdgpu/display: buffer INTERRUPT_LOW_IRQ_CONTEXT interrupt work
drm/amd/display/dc/dce/dce_aux: Remove duplicate line causing 'field overwritten' issue
scsi: lpfc: Fix incorrect dbde assignment when building target abts wqe
scsi: lpfc: Fix pt2pt connection does not recover after LOGO
sched/pelt: Fix task util_est update filtering
scsi: target: pscsi: Fix warning in pscsi_complete_cmd()
media: ite-cir: check for receive overflow
media: drivers: media: pci: sta2x11: fix Kconfig dependency on GPIOLIB
media: imx: capture: Return -EPIPE from __capture_legacy_try_fmt()
atomisp: don't let it go past pipes array
power: supply: bq27xxx: fix power_avg for newer ICs
extcon: arizona: Fix some issues when HPDET IRQ fires after the jack has been unplugged
extcon: arizona: Fix various races on driver unbind
media: media/saa7164: fix saa7164_encoder_register() memory leak bugs
media: gspca/sq905.c: fix uninitialized variable
power: supply: Use IRQF_ONESHOT
backlight: qcom-wled: Use sink_addr for sync toggle
backlight: qcom-wled: Fix FSC update issue for WLED5
drm/amdgpu: mask the xgmi number of hops reported from psp to kfd
drm/amdkfd: Fix UBSAN shift-out-of-bounds warning
drm/amdgpu : Fix asic reset regression issue introduce by 8f211fe8ac7c4f
drm/amd/pm: fix workload mismatch on vega10
drm/amd/display: Fix UBSAN warning for not a valid value for type '_Bool'
drm/amd/display: fix dml prefetch validation
scsi: qla2xxx: Always check the return value of qla24xx_get_isp_stats()
drm/vkms: fix misuse of WARN_ON
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix use after free in bsg
mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: validate pinctrl before use it
mmc: sdhci-pci: Add PCI IDs for Intel LKF
mmc: sdhci-brcmstb: Remove CQE quirk
ata: ahci: Disable SXS for Hisilicon Kunpeng920
drm/komeda: Fix bit check to import to value of proper type
nvmet: return proper error code from discovery ctrl
selftests/resctrl: Enable gcc checks to detect buffer overflows
selftests/resctrl: Fix compilation issues for global variables
selftests/resctrl: Fix compilation issues for other global variables
selftests/resctrl: Clean up resctrl features check
selftests/resctrl: Fix missing options "-n" and "-p"
selftests/resctrl: Use resctrl/info for feature detection
selftests/resctrl: Fix incorrect parsing of iMC counters
selftests/resctrl: Fix checking for < 0 for unsigned values
power: supply: cpcap-charger: Add usleep to cpcap charger to avoid usb plug bounce
scsi: smartpqi: Correct request leakage during reset operations
scsi: smartpqi: Add new PCI IDs
scsi: scsi_dh_alua: Remove check for ASC 24h in alua_rtpg()
media: em28xx: fix memory leak
media: vivid: update EDID
clk: socfpga: arria10: Fix memory leak of socfpga_clk on error return
power: supply: generic-adc-battery: fix possible use-after-free in gab_remove()
power: supply: s3c_adc_battery: fix possible use-after-free in s3c_adc_bat_remove()
media: tc358743: fix possible use-after-free in tc358743_remove()
media: adv7604: fix possible use-after-free in adv76xx_remove()
media: i2c: adv7511-v4l2: fix possible use-after-free in adv7511_remove()
media: i2c: tda1997: Fix possible use-after-free in tda1997x_remove()
media: i2c: adv7842: fix possible use-after-free in adv7842_remove()
media: platform: sti: Fix runtime PM imbalance in regs_show
media: sun8i-di: Fix runtime PM imbalance in deinterlace_start_streaming
media: dvb-usb: fix memory leak in dvb_usb_adapter_init
media: gscpa/stv06xx: fix memory leak
sched/fair: Ignore percpu threads for imbalance pulls
drm/msm/mdp5: Configure PP_SYNC_HEIGHT to double the vtotal
drm/msm/mdp5: Do not multiply vclk line count by 100
drm/radeon/ttm: Fix memory leak userptr pages
drm/amd/display: Fix debugfs link_settings entry
drm/amd/display: Fix UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds warning
drm/amdkfd: Fix cat debugfs hang_hws file causes system crash bug
amdgpu: avoid incorrect %hu format string
drm/amdgpu: fix NULL pointer dereference
scsi: lpfc: Fix crash when a REG_RPI mailbox fails triggering a LOGO response
scsi: lpfc: Fix error handling for mailboxes completed in MBX_POLL mode
scsi: lpfc: Remove unsupported mbox PORT_CAPABILITIES logic
mfd: da9063: Support SMBus and I2C mode
mfd: arizona: Fix rumtime PM imbalance on error
scsi: libfc: Fix a format specifier
perf: Rework perf_event_exit_event()
sched,fair: Alternative sched_slice()
block/rnbd-clt: Fix missing a memory free when unloading the module
s390/archrandom: add parameter check for s390_arch_random_generate
sched,psi: Handle potential task count underflow bugs more gracefully
ALSA: emu8000: Fix a use after free in snd_emu8000_create_mixer
ALSA: hda/conexant: Re-order CX5066 quirk table entries
ALSA: sb: Fix two use after free in snd_sb_qsound_build
ALSA: usb-audio: Explicitly set up the clock selector
ALSA: usb-audio: Add dB range mapping for Sennheiser Communications Headset PC 8
ALSA: hda/realtek: fix mute/micmute LEDs for HP ProBook 445 G7
ALSA: hda/realtek: GA503 use same quirks as GA401
ALSA: hda/realtek: fix mic boost on Intel NUC 8
ALSA: hda/realtek - Headset Mic issue on HP platform
ALSA: hda/realtek: fix static noise on ALC285 Lenovo laptops
ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Intel Clevo PCx0Dx
btrfs: fix race when picking most recent mod log operation for an old root
arm64/vdso: Discard sections in vDSO
Makefile: Move -Wno-unused-but-set-variable out of GCC only block
fs: fix reporting supported extra file attributes for statx()
virtiofs: fix memory leak in virtio_fs_probe()
kcsan, debugfs: Move debugfs file creation out of early init
ubifs: Only check replay with inode type to judge if inode linked
f2fs: fix error handling in f2fs_end_enable_verity()
f2fs: fix to avoid out-of-bounds memory access
mlxsw: spectrum_mr: Update egress RIF list before route's action
openvswitch: fix stack OOB read while fragmenting IPv4 packets
ACPI: GTDT: Don't corrupt interrupt mappings on watchdow probe failure
NFS: fs_context: validate UDP retrans to prevent shift out-of-bounds
NFS: Don't discard pNFS layout segments that are marked for return
NFSv4: Don't discard segments marked for return in _pnfs_return_layout()
Input: ili210x - add missing negation for touch indication on ili210x
jffs2: Fix kasan slab-out-of-bounds problem
jffs2: Hook up splice_write callback
powerpc/eeh: Fix EEH handling for hugepages in ioremap space.
powerpc/32: Fix boot failure with CONFIG_STACKPROTECTOR
powerpc: fix EDEADLOCK redefinition error in uapi/asm/errno.h
intel_th: pci: Add Alder Lake-M support
tpm: efi: Use local variable for calculating final log size
tpm: vtpm_proxy: Avoid reading host log when using a virtual device
crypto: arm/curve25519 - Move '.fpu' after '.arch'
crypto: rng - fix crypto_rng_reset() refcounting when !CRYPTO_STATS
md/raid1: properly indicate failure when ending a failed write request
dm raid: fix inconclusive reshape layout on fast raid4/5/6 table reload sequences
fuse: fix write deadlock
exfat: fix erroneous discard when clear cluster bit
security: commoncap: fix -Wstringop-overread warning
Fix misc new gcc warnings
jffs2: check the validity of dstlen in jffs2_zlib_compress()
smb3: when mounting with multichannel include it in requested capabilities
smb3: do not attempt multichannel to server which does not support it
Revert 337f13046ff0 ("futex: Allow FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME with FUTEX_WAIT op")
futex: Do not apply time namespace adjustment on FUTEX_LOCK_PI
x86/cpu: Initialize MSR_TSC_AUX if RDTSCP *or* RDPID is supported
kbuild: update config_data.gz only when the content of .config is changed
ext4: annotate data race in start_this_handle()
ext4: annotate data race in jbd2_journal_dirty_metadata()
ext4: fix check to prevent false positive report of incorrect used inodes
ext4: do not set SB_ACTIVE in ext4_orphan_cleanup()
ext4: fix error code in ext4_commit_super
ext4: fix ext4_error_err save negative errno into superblock
ext4: allow the dax flag to be set and cleared on inline directories
ext4: Fix occasional generic/418 failure
media: dvbdev: Fix memory leak in dvb_media_device_free()
media: dvb-usb: Fix use-after-free access
media: dvb-usb: Fix memory leak at error in dvb_usb_device_init()
media: staging/intel-ipu3: Fix memory leak in imu_fmt
media: staging/intel-ipu3: Fix set_fmt error handling
media: staging/intel-ipu3: Fix race condition during set_fmt
media: v4l2-ctrls: fix reference to freed memory
usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: fix gpf in gadget_setup
usb: gadget: Fix double free of device descriptor pointers
usb: gadget/function/f_fs string table fix for multiple languages
usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix START_TRANSFER link state check
usb: dwc3: core: Do core softreset when switch mode
usb: dwc2: Fix session request interrupt handler
tty: fix memory leak in vc_deallocate
rsi: Use resume_noirq for SDIO
tracing: Map all PIDs to command lines
tracing: Restructure trace_clock_global() to never block
dm persistent data: packed struct should have an aligned() attribute too
dm space map common: fix division bug in sm_ll_find_free_block()
dm integrity: fix missing goto in bitmap_flush_interval error handling
dm rq: fix double free of blk_mq_tag_set in dev remove after table load fails
lib/vsprintf.c: remove leftover 'f' and 'F' cases from bstr_printf()
thermal/drivers/cpufreq_cooling: Fix slab OOB issue
thermal/core/fair share: Lock the thermal zone while looping over instances
modules: mark ref_module static
modules: mark find_symbol static
modules: mark each_symbol_section static
modules: unexport __module_text_address
modules: unexport __module_address
modules: rename the licence field in struct symsearch to license
modules: return licensing information from find_symbol
UBUNTU: upstream stable to v5.4.118, v5.10.36

CVE References

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Groovy):
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
assignee: nobody → Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Invalid
description: updated
Stefan Bader (smb)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Groovy):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Revision history for this message
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.8.0-63.71

linux (5.8.0-63.71) groovy; urgency=medium

  * Possible io_uring regression with QEMU on Ubuntu's kernel (LP: #1935017)
    - SAUCE: Revert "block: don't ignore REQ_NOWAIT for direct IO"

linux (5.8.0-62.70) groovy; urgency=medium

  * CVE-2021-33909
    - SAUCE: seq_file: Disallow extremely large seq buffer allocations

linux (5.8.0-61.68) groovy; urgency=medium

  * test_pmtu_vti4_link_add_mtu() test from net/ in
    ubuntu_kernel_selftests cannot finish properly on 5.11 and 5.8
    (LP: #1933969)
    - ip6_gre: proper dev_{hold|put} in ndo_[un]init methods
    - sit: proper dev_{hold|put} in ndo_[un]init methods
    - ip6_tunnel: sit: proper dev_{hold|put} in ndo_[un]init methods
    - ipv6: remove extra dev_hold() for fallback tunnels

linux (5.8.0-60.67) groovy; urgency=medium

  * groovy/linux: 5.8.0-60.67 -proposed tracker (LP: #1932438)

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] resync getabis
    - [Packaging] update helper scripts
    - update dkms package versions

  * Add support for IO functions of AAEON devices (LP: #1929504)
    - ODM: mfd: Add support for IO functions of AAEON devices
    - ODM: gpio: add driver for AAEON devices
    - ODM: watchdog: add driver for AAEON devices
    - ODM: hwmon: add driver for AAEON devices
    - ODM: leds: add driver for AAEON devices
    - ODM: [Config] update config for AAEON devices

  * Add support for selective build of special drivers (LP: #1912789)
    - [Packaging] Add support for ODM drivers
    - [Packaging] Turn on ODM support for amd64
    - [Packaging] Fix ODM support in actual build

  * Upstream v5.9 introduced 'module' patches that removed exported symbols
    (LP: #1932065)
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: inherit TAINT_PROPRIETARY_MODULE"
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: return licensing information from find_symbol"
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: rename the licence field in struct symsearch to
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: unexport __module_address"
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: unexport __module_text_address"
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: mark each_symbol_section static"
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: mark find_symbol static"
    - SAUCE: Revert "modules: mark ref_module static"

  * Disable hv-kvp-daemon.service on certain instance types (LP: #1932081)
    - [Packaging]: Add kernel command line condition to hv-kvp-daemon service

  * Groovy update: upstream stable patchset 2021-06-10 (LP: #1931637)
    - KEYS: trusted: Fix memory leak on object td
    - tpm: fix error return code in tpm2_get_cc_attrs_tbl()
    - tpm, tpm_tis: Extend locality handling to TPM2 in tpm_tis_gen_interrupt()
    - tpm, tpm_tis: Reserve locality in tpm_tis_resume()
    - KVM: x86/mmu: Remove the defunct update_pte() paging hook
    - PM: runtime: Fix unpaired parent child_count for force_resume
    - kvm: Cap halt polling at kvm->max_halt_poll_ns
    - ath11k: fix thermal temperature read
    - fs: dlm: fix debugfs dump
    - tipc: convert dest node's address to network order
    - ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Enable jack-detect support on Asus T100TAF
    - net: stmmac: Set FIFO sizes for ipq806x

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Groovy):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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