Groovy update: upstream stable patchset 2021-04-12

Bug #1923493 reported by Kamal Mostafa
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linux (Ubuntu)
Kamal Mostafa

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

       upstream stable patchset 2021-04-12

                Ported from the following upstream stable releases:
                        v5.4.103, v5.10.21
                        v5.4.104, v5.10.22
                        v5.4.105, v5.10.23

       from git://

net: usb: qmi_wwan: support ZTE P685M modem
drm/virtio: use kvmalloc for large allocations
x86/build: Treat R_386_PLT32 relocation as R_386_PC32
JFS: more checks for invalid superblock
sched/core: Allow try_invoke_on_locked_down_task() with irqs disabled
udlfb: Fix memory leak in dlfb_usb_probe
media: mceusb: sanity check for prescaler value
erofs: fix shift-out-of-bounds of blkszbits
media: v4l2-ctrls.c: fix shift-out-of-bounds in std_validate
xfs: Fix assert failure in xfs_setattr_size()
net/af_iucv: remove WARN_ONCE on malformed RX packets
smackfs: restrict bytes count in smackfs write functions
tomoyo: ignore data race while checking quota
net: fix up truesize of cloned skb in skb_prepare_for_shift()
nbd: handle device refs for DESTROY_ON_DISCONNECT properly
mm/hugetlb.c: fix unnecessary address expansion of pmd sharing
RDMA/rtrs: Do not signal for heatbeat
RDMA/rtrs-clt: Use bitmask to check sess->flags
RDMA/rtrs-srv: Do not signal REG_MR
tcp: fix tcp_rmem documentation
net: bridge: use switchdev for port flags set through sysfs too
net: ag71xx: remove unnecessary MTU reservation
net: hsr: add support for EntryForgetTime
net: psample: Fix netlink skb length with tunnel info
net: fix dev_ifsioc_locked() race condition
dt-bindings: ethernet-controller: fix fixed-link specification
dt-bindings: net: btusb: DT fix s/interrupt-name/interrupt-names/
rsi: Fix TX EAPOL packet handling against iwlwifi AP
rsi: Move card interrupt handling to RX thread
EDAC/amd64: Do not load on family 0x15, model 0x13
staging: fwserial: Fix error handling in fwserial_create
x86/reboot: Add Zotac ZBOX CI327 nano PCI reboot quirk
vt/consolemap: do font sum unsigned
wlcore: Fix command execute failure 19 for wl12xx
Bluetooth: hci_h5: Set HCI_QUIRK_SIMULTANEOUS_DISCOVERY for btrtl
Bluetooth: btusb: fix memory leak on suspend and resume
mt76: mt7615: reset token when mac_reset happens
pktgen: fix misuse of BUG_ON() in pktgen_thread_worker()
ath10k: fix wmi mgmt tx queue full due to race condition
net: sfp: add mode quirk for GPON module Ubiquiti U-Fiber Instant
Bluetooth: Add new HCI_QUIRK_NO_SUSPEND_NOTIFIER quirk
Bluetooth: Fix null pointer dereference in amp_read_loc_assoc_final_data
staging: most: sound: add sanity check for function argument
staging: bcm2835-audio: Replace unsafe strcpy() with strscpy()
brcmfmac: Add DMI nvram filename quirk for Predia Basic tablet
brcmfmac: Add DMI nvram filename quirk for Voyo winpad A15 tablet
drm/hisilicon: Fix use-after-free
crypto: tcrypt - avoid signed overflow in byte count
fs: make unlazy_walk() error handling consistent
drm/amdgpu: Add check to prevent IH overflow
PCI: Add a REBAR size quirk for Sapphire RX 5600 XT Pulse
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add new BYT_RT5640_NO_SPEAKERS quirk-flag
drm/amd/display: Guard against NULL pointer deref when get_i2c_info fails
media: uvcvideo: Allow entities with no pads
f2fs: handle unallocated section and zone on pinned/atgc
f2fs: fix to set/clear I_LINKABLE under i_lock
nvme-core: add cancel tagset helpers
nvme-rdma: add clean action for failed reconnection
nvme-tcp: add clean action for failed reconnection
ASoC: Intel: Add DMI quirk table to soc_intel_is_byt_cr()
btrfs: fix error handling in commit_fs_roots
perf/x86/kvm: Add Cascade Lake Xeon steppings to isolation_ucodes[]
ASoC: Intel: sof_sdw: detect DMIC number based on mach params
parisc: Bump 64-bit IRQ stack size to 64 KB
sched/features: Fix hrtick reprogramming
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for the Estar Beauty HD MID 7316R tablet
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for the Voyo Winpad A15 tablet
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5651: Add quirk for the Jumper EZpad 7 tablet
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for the Acer One S1002 tablet
Xen/gnttab: handle p2m update errors on a per-slot basis
xen-netback: respect gnttab_map_refs()'s return value
zsmalloc: account the number of compacted pages correctly
swap: fix swapfile read/write offset
media: v4l: ioctl: Fix memory leak in video_usercopy
ALSA: hda/realtek: Apply dual codec quirks for MSI Godlike X570 board
net: sfp: VSOL V2801F / CarlitoxxPro CPGOS03-0490 v2.0 workaround
net: sfp: add workaround for Realtek RTL8672 and RTL9601C chips
nvme-pci: refactor nvme_unmap_data
nvme-pci: fix error unwind in nvme_map_data
UBUNTU: upstream stable to v5.4.103, v5.10.21
ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset mic of Acer SWIFT with ALC256
ALSA: usb-audio: use Corsair Virtuoso mapping for Corsair Virtuoso SE
ALSA: usb-audio: Drop bogus dB range in too low level
tpm, tpm_tis: Decorate tpm_tis_gen_interrupt() with request_locality()
tpm, tpm_tis: Decorate tpm_get_timeouts() with request_locality()
btrfs: avoid double put of block group when emptying cluster
btrfs: fix raid6 qstripe kmap
btrfs: fix race between writes to swap files and scrub
btrfs: fix stale data exposure after cloning a hole with NO_HOLES enabled
btrfs: fix race between extent freeing/allocation when using bitmaps
btrfs: validate qgroup inherit for SNAP_CREATE_V2 ioctl
btrfs: free correct amount of space in btrfs_delayed_inode_reserve_metadata
btrfs: unlock extents in btrfs_zero_range in case of quota reservation errors
btrfs: fix warning when creating a directory with smack enabled
io_uring: ignore double poll add on the same waitqueue head
dm bufio: subtract the number of initial sectors in dm_bufio_get_device_size
dm verity: fix FEC for RS roots unaligned to block size
drm/amdgpu: fix parameter error of RREG32_PCIE() in amdgpu_regs_pcie
crypto - shash: reduce minimum alignment of shash_desc structure
arm64: mm: Move reserve_crashkernel() into mem_init()
arm64: mm: Move zone_dma_bits initialization into zone_sizes_init()
of/address: Introduce of_dma_get_max_cpu_address()
of: unittest: Add test for of_dma_get_max_cpu_address()
arm64: mm: Set ZONE_DMA size based on devicetree's dma-ranges
arm64: mm: Set ZONE_DMA size based on early IORT scan
mm: Remove examples from enum zone_type comment
ALSA: ctxfi: cthw20k2: fix mask on conf to allow 4 bits
RDMA/cm: Fix IRQ restore in ib_send_cm_sidr_rep
RDMA/rxe: Fix missing kconfig dependency on CRYPTO
IB/mlx5: Add missing error code
ALSA: hda: intel-nhlt: verify config type
ftrace: Have recordmcount use w8 to read relp->r_info in arm64_is_fake_mcount
rsxx: Return -EFAULT if copy_to_user() fails
iommu/vt-d: Fix status code for Allocate/Free PASID command
Revert "arm64: dts: amlogic: add missing ethernet reset ID"
of: unittest: Fix build on architectures without CONFIG_OF_ADDRESS
tomoyo: recognize kernel threads correctly
r8169: fix resuming from suspend on RTL8105e if machine runs on battery
UBUNTU: upstream stable to v5.4.104, v5.10.22
ACPICA: Fix race in generic_serial_bus (I2C) and GPIO op_region parameter handling
ASoC: SOF: Intel: broadwell: fix mutual exclusion with catpt driver
nvme-pci: mark Kingston SKC2000 as not supporting the deepest power state
parisc: Enable -mlong-calls gcc option with CONFIG_COMPILE_TEST
arm64: Make CPU_BIG_ENDIAN depend on ld.bfd or ld.lld 13.0.0+
iommu/amd: Fix sleeping in atomic in increase_address_space()
Bluetooth: btqca: Add valid le states quirk
mwifiex: pcie: skip cancel_work_sync() on reset failure path
ASoC: Intel: sof_sdw: add quirk for new TigerLake-SDCA device
bus: ti-sysc: Implement GPMC debug quirk to drop platform data
platform/x86: acer-wmi: Cleanup ACER_CAP_FOO defines
platform/x86: acer-wmi: Cleanup accelerometer device handling
platform/x86: acer-wmi: Add new force_caps module parameter
platform/x86: acer-wmi: Add ACER_CAP_SET_FUNCTION_MODE capability flag
platform/x86: acer-wmi: Add support for SW_TABLET_MODE on Switch devices
platform/x86: acer-wmi: Add ACER_CAP_KBD_DOCK quirk for the Aspire Switch 10E SW3-016
HID: mf: add support for 0079:1846 Mayflash/Dragonrise USB Gamecube Adapter
media: cx23885: add more quirks for reset DMA on some AMD IOMMU
ACPI: video: Add DMI quirk for GIGABYTE GB-BXBT-2807
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for ARCHOS Cesium 140
PCI: Add function 1 DMA alias quirk for Marvell 9215 SATA controller
ASoC: Intel: sof_sdw: add missing TGL_HDMI quirk for Dell SKU 0A32
scsi: ufs: Add a quirk to permit overriding UniPro defaults
misc: eeprom_93xx46: Add quirk to support Microchip 93LC46B eeprom
scsi: ufs: Introduce a quirk to allow only page-aligned sg entries
drm/msm/a5xx: Remove overwriting A5XX_PC_DBG_ECO_CNTL register
mmc: sdhci-of-dwcmshc: set SDHCI_QUIRK2_PRESET_VALUE_BROKEN
HID: i2c-hid: Add I2C_HID_QUIRK_NO_IRQ_AFTER_RESET for ITE8568 EC on Voyo Winpad A15
scsi: ufs: Fix a duplicate dev quirk number
KVM: SVM: Clear the CR4 register on reset
nvme-pci: mark Seagate Nytro XM1440 as QUIRK_NO_NS_DESC_LIST.
nvme-pci: add quirks for Lexar 256GB SSD
dm table: fix iterate_devices based device capability checks
dm table: fix DAX iterate_devices based device capability checks
dm table: fix zoned iterate_devices based device capability checks
UBUNTU: upstream stable to v5.4.105, v5.10.23

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status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Groovy):
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
assignee: nobody → Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Invalid
description: updated
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Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa) wrote :

Note: the following patches were in the original submitted pull req for this patch set, but have since been dropped as unsuitable for groovy.

tty: fix up iterate_tty_read() EOVERFLOW handling
tty: fix up hung_up_tty_read() conversion
tty: clean up legacy leftovers from n_tty line discipline
tty: teach n_tty line discipline about the new "cookie continuations"
tty: teach the n_tty ICANON case about the new "cookie continuations" too

description: updated
Stefan Bader (smb)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Groovy):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.8.0-55.62

linux (5.8.0-55.62) groovy; urgency=medium

  * groovy/linux: 5.8.0-55.62 -proposed tracker (LP: #1930379)

  * [Potential Regression] Unable to create KVM with uvtool on Groovy ARM64
    (LP: #1929925)
    - SAUCE: KVM: arm64: Assign kvm_ipa_limit

linux (5.8.0-54.61) groovy; urgency=medium

  * groovy/linux: 5.8.0-54.61 -proposed tracker (LP: #1927592)

  * Introduce the 465 driver series, fabric-manager, and libnvidia-nscq
    (LP: #1925522)
    - debian/dkms-versions -- add NVIDIA 465 and migrate 450 to 460

  * linux-image-5.0.0-35-generic breaks checkpointing of container
    (LP: #1857257)
    - SAUCE: overlayfs: fix incorrect mnt_id of files opened from map_files

  * netfilter: x_tables: fix compat match/target pad out-of-bound write
    (LP: #1927682)
    - netfilter: x_tables: fix compat match/target pad out-of-bound write

  * Groovy update: upstream stable patchset 2021-05-04 (LP: #1927150)
    - mt76: fix tx skb error handling in mt76_dma_tx_queue_skb
    - net: fec: ptp: avoid register access when ipg clock is disabled
    - powerpc/4xx: Fix build errors from mfdcr()
    - atm: eni: dont release is never initialized
    - atm: lanai: dont run lanai_dev_close if not open
    - Revert "r8152: adjust the settings about MAC clock speed down for RTL8153"
    - ALSA: hda: ignore invalid NHLT table
    - ixgbe: Fix memleak in ixgbe_configure_clsu32
    - scsi: ufs: ufs-qcom: Disable interrupt in reset path
    - blk-cgroup: Fix the recursive blkg rwstat
    - net: tehuti: fix error return code in bdx_probe()
    - net: intel: iavf: fix error return code of iavf_init_get_resources()
    - sun/niu: fix wrong RXMAC_BC_FRM_CNT_COUNT count
    - cifs: ask for more credit on async read/write code paths
    - gfs2: fix use-after-free in trans_drain
    - cpufreq: blacklist Arm Vexpress platforms in cpufreq-dt-platdev
    - gpiolib: acpi: Add missing IRQF_ONESHOT
    - nfs: fix PNFS_FLEXFILE_LAYOUT Kconfig default
    - NFS: Correct size calculation for create reply length
    - net: hisilicon: hns: fix error return code of hns_nic_clear_all_rx_fetch()
    - net: wan: fix error return code of uhdlc_init()
    - net: davicom: Use platform_get_irq_optional()
    - net: enetc: set MAC RX FIFO to recommended value
    - atm: uPD98402: fix incorrect allocation
    - atm: idt77252: fix null-ptr-dereference
    - cifs: change noisy error message to FYI
    - irqchip/ingenic: Add support for the JZ4760
    - kbuild: add image_name to no-sync-config-targets
    - kbuild: dummy-tools: fix inverted tests for gcc
    - umem: fix error return code in mm_pci_probe()
    - sparc64: Fix opcode filtering in handling of no fault loads
    - habanalabs: Call put_pid() when releasing control device
    - staging: rtl8192e: fix kconfig dependency on CRYPTO
    - u64_stats,lockdep: Fix u64_stats_init() vs lockdep
    - regulator: qcom-rpmh: Correct the pmic5_hfsmps515 buck
    - block: Fix REQ_OP_ZONE_RESET_ALL handling
    - drm/amd/display: Revert dram_clock_change_latency for DCN2.1
    - drm/amdgpu: fb BO should be ttm_bo_type_device
    - drm/radeon: fix AGP dependency
    - nvme: add NVM...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Groovy):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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