Focal update: v5.4.86 upstream stable release

Bug #1910822 reported by Kamal Mostafa on 2021-01-08
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linux (Ubuntu)
Kamal Mostafa

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

       v5.4.86 upstream stable release
       from git://

ARM: dts: sun7i: bananapi: Enable RGMII RX/TX delay on Ethernet PHY
ARM: dts: sun8i: r40: bananapi-m2-berry: Fix dcdc1 regulator
ARM: dts: sun8i: v40: bananapi-m2-berry: Fix ethernet node
pinctrl: merrifield: Set default bias in case no particular value given
pinctrl: baytrail: Avoid clearing debounce value when turning it off
ARM: dts: sun8i: v3s: fix GIC node memory range
ARM: dts: sun7i: pcduino3-nano: enable RGMII RX/TX delay on PHY
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-wandboard-revd1: Remove PAD_GPIO_6 from enetgrp
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-kontron-samx6i: fix I2C_PM scl pin
PM: runtime: Add pm_runtime_resume_and_get to deal with usage counter
gpio: zynq: fix reference leak in zynq_gpio functions
gpio: mvebu: fix potential user-after-free on probe
scsi: bnx2i: Requires MMU
xsk: Fix xsk_poll()'s return type
xsk: Replace datagram_poll by sock_poll_wait
can: softing: softing_netdev_open(): fix error handling
clk: renesas: r9a06g032: Drop __packed for portability
block: Simplify REQ_OP_ZONE_RESET_ALL handling
block: factor out requeue handling from dispatch code
blk-mq: In blk_mq_dispatch_rq_list() "no budget" is a reason to kick
pinctrl: aspeed: Fix GPIO requests on pass-through banks
netfilter: x_tables: Switch synchronization to RCU
netfilter: nft_compat: make sure xtables destructors have run
netfilter: nft_dynset: fix timeouts later than 23 days
afs: Fix memory leak when mounting with multiple source parameters
Revert "gpio: eic-sprd: Use devm_platform_ioremap_resource()"
gpio: eic-sprd: break loop when getting NULL device resource
netfilter: nft_ct: Remove confirmation check for NFT_CT_ID
selftests/bpf/ Reset ethtool features after failed setting
RDMA/cm: Fix an attempt to use non-valid pointer when cleaning timewait
i40e: Refactor rx_bi accesses
i40e: optimise prefetch page refcount
i40e: avoid premature Rx buffer reuse
ixgbe: avoid premature Rx buffer reuse
selftests: fix poll error in
net: mvpp2: add mvpp2_phylink_to_port() helper
drm/tegra: replace idr_init() by idr_init_base()
kernel/cpu: add arch override for clear_tasks_mm_cpumask() mm handling
drm/tegra: sor: Disable clocks on error in tegra_sor_init()
habanalabs: put devices before driver removal
arm64: syscall: exit userspace before unmasking exceptions
vxlan: Add needed_headroom for lower device
vxlan: Copy needed_tailroom from lowerdev
scsi: mpt3sas: Increase IOCInit request timeout to 30s
dm table: Remove BUG_ON(in_interrupt())
iwlwifi: pcie: add one missing entry for AX210
drm/amd/display: Init clock value by current vbios CLKs
perf/x86/intel: Check PEBS status correctly
kbuild: avoid split lines in .mod files
soc/tegra: fuse: Fix index bug in get_process_id
usb: mtu3: fix memory corruption in mtu3_debugfs_regset()
USB: serial: option: add interface-number sanity check to flag handling
USB: gadget: f_acm: add support for SuperSpeed Plus
USB: gadget: f_midi: setup SuperSpeed Plus descriptors
usb: gadget: f_fs: Re-use SS descriptors for SuperSpeedPlus
USB: gadget: f_rndis: fix bitrate for SuperSpeed and above
usb: chipidea: ci_hdrc_imx: Pass DISABLE_DEVICE_STREAMING flag to imx6ul
ARM: dts: exynos: fix roles of USB 3.0 ports on Odroid XU
ARM: dts: exynos: fix USB 3.0 VBUS control and over-current pins on Exynos5410
ARM: dts: exynos: fix USB 3.0 pins supply being turned off on Odroid XU
coresight: tmc-etf: Fix NULL ptr dereference in tmc_enable_etf_sink_perf()
coresight: tmc-etr: Check if page is valid before dma_map_page()
coresight: tmc-etr: Fix barrier packet insertion for perf buffer
coresight: etb10: Fix possible NULL ptr dereference in etb_enable_perf()
scsi: megaraid_sas: Check user-provided offsets
HID: i2c-hid: add Vero K147 to descriptor override
serial_core: Check for port state when tty is in error state
Bluetooth: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in hci_le_direct_adv_report_evt()
quota: Sanity-check quota file headers on load
media: msi2500: assign SPI bus number dynamically
crypto: af_alg - avoid undefined behavior accessing salg_name
md: fix a warning caused by a race between concurrent md_ioctl()s
drm/gma500: fix double free of gma_connector
drm/aspeed: Fix Kconfig warning & subsequent build errors
drm/mcde: Fix handling of platform_get_irq() error
drm/tve200: Fix handling of platform_get_irq() error
arm64: dts: renesas: hihope-rzg2-ex: Drop rxc-skew-ps from ethernet-phy node
arm64: dts: renesas: cat875: Remove rxc-skew-ps from ethernet-phy node
soc: renesas: rmobile-sysc: Fix some leaks in rmobile_init_pm_domains()
soc: mediatek: Check if power domains can be powered on at boot time
soc: qcom: geni: More properly switch to DMA mode
Revert "i2c: i2c-qcom-geni: Fix DMA transfer race"
RDMA/bnxt_re: Set queue pair state when being queried
rtc: pcf2127: fix pcf2127_nvmem_read/write() returns
selinux: fix error initialization in inode_doinit_with_dentry()
ARM: dts: aspeed: s2600wf: Fix VGA memory region location
RDMA/rxe: Compute PSN windows correctly
x86/mm/ident_map: Check for errors from ident_pud_init()
ARM: p2v: fix handling of LPAE translation in BE mode
x86/apic: Fix x2apic enablement without interrupt remapping
sched/deadline: Fix sched_dl_global_validate()
sched: Reenable interrupts in do_sched_yield()
drm/amdgpu: fix incorrect enum type
crypto: talitos - Endianess in current_desc_hdr()
crypto: talitos - Fix return type of current_desc_hdr()
crypto: inside-secure - Fix sizeof() mismatch
ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Fix lrck_period computation for I2S justified mode
ARM: dts: aspeed: tiogapass: Remove vuart
drm/amdgpu: fix build_coefficients() argument
powerpc/64: Set up a kernel stack for secondaries before cpu_restore()
spi: img-spfi: fix reference leak in img_spfi_resume
f2fs: call f2fs_get_meta_page_retry for nat page
drm/msm/dsi_pll_10nm: restore VCO rate during restore_state
spi: spi-mem: fix reference leak in spi_mem_access_start
ASoC: pcm: DRAIN support reactivation
selinux: fix inode_doinit_with_dentry() LABEL_INVALID error handling
spi: stm32: fix reference leak in stm32_spi_resume
brcmfmac: Fix memory leak for unpaired brcmf_{alloc/free}
arm64: dts: exynos: Include common syscon restart/poweroff for Exynos7
arm64: dts: exynos: Correct psci compatible used on Exynos7
Bluetooth: Fix null pointer dereference in hci_event_packet()
Bluetooth: hci_h5: fix memory leak in h5_close
spi: spi-ti-qspi: fix reference leak in ti_qspi_setup
spi: mt7621: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in mt7621_spi_probe
spi: tegra20-slink: fix reference leak in slink ops of tegra20
spi: tegra20-sflash: fix reference leak in tegra_sflash_resume
spi: tegra114: fix reference leak in tegra spi ops
spi: bcm63xx-hsspi: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in bcm63xx_hsspi_resume
mwifiex: fix mwifiex_shutdown_sw() causing sw reset failure
selftest/bpf: Add missed ip6ip6 test back
ASoC: wm8998: Fix PM disable depth imbalance on error
spi: sprd: fix reference leak in sprd_spi_remove
ASoC: arizona: Fix a wrong free in wm8997_probe
RDMa/mthca: Work around -Wenum-conversion warning
MIPS: BCM47XX: fix kconfig dependency bug for BCM47XX_BCMA
crypto: qat - fix status check in qat_hal_put_rel_rd_xfer()
staging: greybus: codecs: Fix reference counter leak in error handling
staging: gasket: interrupt: fix the missed eventfd_ctx_put() in gasket_interrupt.c
media: tm6000: Fix sizeof() mismatches
media: mtk-vcodec: add missing put_device() call in mtk_vcodec_init_dec_pm()
media: mtk-vcodec: add missing put_device() call in mtk_vcodec_release_dec_pm()
media: mtk-vcodec: add missing put_device() call in mtk_vcodec_init_enc_pm()
media: v4l2-fwnode: Return -EINVAL for invalid bus-type
ASoC: meson: fix COMPILE_TEST error
scsi: core: Fix VPD LUN ID designator priorities
media: solo6x10: fix missing snd_card_free in error handling case
video: fbdev: atmel_lcdfb: fix return error code in atmel_lcdfb_of_init()
drm/omap: dmm_tiler: fix return error code in omap_dmm_probe()
Input: ads7846 - fix race that causes missing releases
Input: ads7846 - fix integer overflow on Rt calculation
Input: ads7846 - fix unaligned access on 7845
usb/max3421: fix return error code in max3421_probe()
spi: mxs: fix reference leak in mxs_spi_probe
selftests/bpf: Fix broken riscv build
powerpc: Avoid broken GCC __attribute__((optimize))
powerpc/feature: Fix CPU_FTRS_ALWAYS by removing CPU_FTRS_GENERIC_32
EDAC/mce_amd: Use struct cpuinfo_x86.cpu_die_id for AMD NodeId
crypto: crypto4xx - Replace bitwise OR with logical OR in crypto4xx_build_pd
crypto: omap-aes - Fix PM disable depth imbalance in omap_aes_probe
spi: fix resource leak for drivers without .remove callback
soc: ti: knav_qmss: fix reference leak in knav_queue_probe
soc: ti: Fix reference imbalance in knav_dma_probe
drivers: soc: ti: knav_qmss_queue: Fix error return code in knav_queue_probe
Input: omap4-keypad - fix runtime PM error handling
clk: meson: Kconfig: fix dependency for G12A
RDMA/cxgb4: Validate the number of CQEs
memstick: fix a double-free bug in memstick_check
ARM: dts: at91: sama5d4_xplained: add pincontrol for USB Host
ARM: dts: at91: sama5d3_xplained: add pincontrol for USB Host
mmc: pxamci: Fix error return code in pxamci_probe
orinoco: Move context allocation after processing the skb
qtnfmac: fix error return code in qtnf_pcie_probe()
rsi: fix error return code in rsi_reset_card()
cw1200: fix missing destroy_workqueue() on error in cw1200_init_common
dmaengine: mv_xor_v2: Fix error return code in mv_xor_v2_probe()
arm64: tegra: Fix DT binding for IO High Voltage entry
media: siano: fix memory leak of debugfs members in smsdvb_hotplug
platform/x86: mlx-platform: Remove PSU EEPROM from default platform configuration
platform/x86: mlx-platform: Remove PSU EEPROM from MSN274x platform configuration
samples: bpf: Fix lwt_len_hist reusing previous BPF map
media: imx214: Fix stop streaming
mips: cdmm: fix use-after-free in mips_cdmm_bus_discover
media: max2175: fix max2175_set_csm_mode() error code
slimbus: qcom-ngd-ctrl: Avoid sending power requests without QMI
HSI: omap_ssi: Don't jump to free ID in ssi_add_controller()
ARM: dts: Remove non-existent i2c1 from 98dx3236
arm64: dts: armada-3720-turris-mox: update ethernet-phy handle name
arm64: dts: rockchip: Set dr_mode to "host" for OTG on rk3328-roc-cc
power: supply: axp288_charger: Fix HP Pavilion x2 10 DMI matching
power: supply: bq24190_charger: fix reference leak
genirq/irqdomain: Don't try to free an interrupt that has no mapping
arm64: dts: ls1028a: fix ENETC PTP clock input
arm64: dts: qcom: c630: Polish i2c-hid devices
PCI: Bounds-check command-line resource alignment requests
PCI: Fix overflow in command-line resource alignment requests
PCI: iproc: Fix out-of-bound array accesses
arm64: dts: meson: fix spi-max-frequency on Khadas VIM2
arm64: dts: meson-sm1: fix typo in opp table
soc: amlogic: canvas: add missing put_device() call in meson_canvas_get()
ARM: dts: at91: at91sam9rl: fix ADC triggers
platform/x86: dell-smbios-base: Fix error return code in dell_smbios_init
ath10k: Fix the parsing error in service available event
ath10k: Fix an error handling path
ath10k: Release some resources in an error handling path
SUNRPC: rpc_wake_up() should wake up tasks in the correct order
NFSv4.2: condition READDIR's mask for security label based on LSM state
SUNRPC: xprt_load_transport() needs to support the netid "rdma6"
NFSv4: Fix the alignment of page data in the getdeviceinfo reply
net: sunrpc: Fix 'snprintf' return value check in 'do_xprt_debugfs'
lockd: don't use interval-based rebinding over TCP
NFS: switch nfsiod to be an UNBOUND workqueue.
selftests/seccomp: Update kernel config
vfio-pci: Use io_remap_pfn_range() for PCI IO memory
hwmon: (ina3221) Fix PM usage counter unbalance in ina3221_write_enable
media: saa7146: fix array overflow in vidioc_s_audio()
powerpc/perf: Fix crash with is_sier_available when pmu is not set
powerpc/64: Fix an EMIT_BUG_ENTRY in head_64.S
clocksource/drivers/orion: Add missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error path
clocksource/drivers/cadence_ttc: Fix memory leak in ttc_setup_clockevent()
iio: hrtimer-trigger: Mark hrtimer to expire in hard interrupt context
ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2: map securam as device
bpf: Fix bpf_put_raw_tracepoint()'s use of __module_address()
pinctrl: falcon: add missing put_device() call in pinctrl_falcon_probe()
arm64: dts: rockchip: Fix UART pull-ups on rk3328
memstick: r592: Fix error return in r592_probe()
MIPS: Don't round up kernel sections size for memblock_add()
net/mlx5: Properly convey driver version to firmware
ASoC: jz4740-i2s: add missed checks for clk_get()
dm ioctl: fix error return code in target_message
phy: renesas: rcar-gen3-usb2: disable runtime pm in case of failure
clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Use stable count reader in erratum sne
clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Correct fault programming of CNTKCTL_EL1.EVNTI
cpufreq: ap806: Add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
cpufreq: highbank: Add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
cpufreq: mediatek: Add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
cpufreq: qcom: Add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
cpufreq: st: Add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
cpufreq: sun50i: Add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
cpufreq: loongson1: Add missing MODULE_ALIAS
cpufreq: scpi: Add missing MODULE_ALIAS
Bluetooth: btusb: Add the missed release_firmware() in btusb_mtk_setup_firmware()
Bluetooth: btmtksdio: Add the missed release_firmware() in mtk_setup_firmware()
arm64: dts: meson: fix PHY deassert timing requirements
ARM: dts: meson: fix PHY deassert timing requirements
arm64: dts: meson: g12a: x96-max: fix PHY deassert timing requirements
scsi: qedi: Fix missing destroy_workqueue() on error in __qedi_probe
scsi: pm80xx: Fix error return in pm8001_pci_probe()
seq_buf: Avoid type mismatch for seq_buf_init
scsi: fnic: Fix error return code in fnic_probe()
platform/x86: mlx-platform: Fix item counter assignment for MSN2700, MSN24xx systems
powerpc/pseries/hibernation: drop pseries_suspend_begin() from suspend ops
powerpc/pseries/hibernation: remove redundant cacheinfo update
drm/mediatek: avoid dereferencing a null hdmi_phy on an error message
ASoC: amd: change clk_get() to devm_clk_get() and add missed checks
powerpc/mm: sanity_check_fault() should work for all, not only BOOK3S
usb: ehci-omap: Fix PM disable depth umbalance in ehci_hcd_omap_probe
usb: oxu210hp-hcd: Fix memory leak in oxu_create
speakup: fix uninitialized flush_lock
nfsd: Fix message level for normal termination
nfs_common: need lock during iterate through the list
x86/kprobes: Restore BTF if the single-stepping is cancelled
platform/chrome: cros_ec_spi: Don't overwrite spi::mode
bus: fsl-mc: fix error return code in fsl_mc_object_allocate()
s390/cio: fix use-after-free in ccw_device_destroy_console
iwlwifi: mvm: hook up missing RX handlers
erofs: avoid using generic_block_bmap
can: m_can: m_can_config_endisable(): remove double clearing of clock stop request bit
RDMA/core: Do not indicate device ready when device enablement fails
remoteproc: q6v5-mss: fix error handling in q6v5_pds_enable
remoteproc: qcom: fix reference leak in adsp_start
remoteproc: qcom: Fix potential NULL dereference in adsp_init_mmio()
clk: tegra: Fix duplicated SE clock entry
mtd: rawnand: gpmi: fix reference count leak in gpmi ops
mtd: rawnand: meson: Fix a resource leak in init
mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix the random DMA timeout issue
extcon: max77693: Fix modalias string
crypto: atmel-i2c - select CONFIG_BITREVERSE
mac80211: don't set set TDLS STA bandwidth wider than possible
ASoC: wm_adsp: remove "ctl" from list on error in wm_adsp_create_control()
irqchip/alpine-msi: Fix freeing of interrupts on allocation error path
watchdog: armada_37xx: Add missing dependency on HAS_IOMEM
watchdog: sirfsoc: Add missing dependency on HAS_IOMEM
watchdog: sprd: remove watchdog disable from resume fail path
watchdog: sprd: check busy bit before new loading rather than after that
watchdog: Fix potential dereferencing of null pointer
ubifs: Fix error return code in ubifs_init_authentication()
um: Monitor error events in IRQ controller
um: tty: Fix handling of close in tty lines
um: chan_xterm: Fix fd leak
sunrpc: fix xs_read_xdr_buf for partial pages receive
RDMA/cma: Don't overwrite sgid_attr after device is released
nfc: s3fwrn5: Release the nfc firmware
powerpc/ps3: use dma_mapping_error()
sparc: fix handling of page table constructor failure
mm: don't wake kswapd prematurely when watermark boosting is disabled
checkpatch: fix unescaped left brace
lan743x: fix rx_napi_poll/interrupt ping-pong
net: bcmgenet: Fix a resource leak in an error handling path in the probe functin
net: allwinner: Fix some resources leak in the error handling path of the probe and in the remove function
net: korina: fix return value
libnvdimm/label: Return -ENXIO for no slot in __blk_label_update
watchdog: qcom: Avoid context switch in restart handler
watchdog: coh901327: add COMMON_CLK dependency
clk: ti: Fix memleak in ti_fapll_synth_setup
pwm: zx: Add missing cleanup in error path
pwm: lp3943: Dynamically allocate PWM chip base
perf record: Fix memory leak when using '--user-regs=?' to list registers
qlcnic: Fix error code in probe
virtio_ring: Cut and paste bugs in vring_create_virtqueue_packed()
virtio_net: Fix error code in probe()
virtio_ring: Fix two use after free bugs
clk: at91: sam9x60: remove atmel,osc-bypass support
clk: s2mps11: Fix a resource leak in error handling paths in the probe function
clk: sunxi-ng: Make sure divider tables have sentinel
kconfig: fix return value of do_error_if()
perf probe: Fix memory leak when synthesizing SDT probes
ARM: sunxi: Add machine match for the Allwinner V3 SoC
cfg80211: initialize rekey_data
fix namespaced fscaps when !CONFIG_SECURITY
lwt: Disable BH too in run_lwt_bpf()
drm/amd/display: Prevent bandwidth overflow
drm/amdkfd: Fix leak in dmabuf import
Input: cros_ec_keyb - send 'scancodes' in addition to key events
initramfs: fix clang build failure
Input: goodix - add upside-down quirk for Teclast X98 Pro tablet
vfio/pci/nvlink2: Do not attempt NPU2 setup on POWER8NVL NPU
media: gspca: Fix memory leak in probe
media: sunxi-cir: ensure IR is handled when it is continuous
media: netup_unidvb: Don't leak SPI master in probe error path
media: ipu3-cio2: Remove traces of returned buffers
media: ipu3-cio2: Return actual subdev format
media: ipu3-cio2: Serialise access to pad format
media: ipu3-cio2: Validate mbus format in setting subdev format
media: ipu3-cio2: Make the field on subdev format V4L2_FIELD_NONE
Input: cyapa_gen6 - fix out-of-bounds stack access
ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Change Input Source enum strings.
Revert "ACPI / resources: Use AE_CTRL_TERMINATE to terminate resources walks"
ACPI: PNP: compare the string length in the matching_id()
ALSA: hda: Fix regressions on clear and reconfig sysfs
ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Fix AE-5 rear headphone pincfg.
ALSA: hda/realtek: make bass spk volume adjustable on a yoga laptop
ALSA: hda/realtek - Enable headset mic of ASUS X430UN with ALC256
ALSA: hda/realtek - Enable headset mic of ASUS Q524UQK with ALC255
ALSA: hda/realtek - Add supported for more Lenovo ALC285 Headset Button
ALSA: pcm: oss: Fix a few more UBSAN fixes
ALSA/hda: apply jack fixup for the Acer Veriton N4640G/N6640G/N2510G
ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for MSI-GP73
ALSA: hda/realtek: Apply jack fixup for Quanta NL3
ALSA: usb-audio: Add VID to support native DSD reproduction on FiiO devices
ALSA: usb-audio: Disable sample read check if firmware doesn't give back
ALSA: core: memalloc: add page alignment for iram
s390/smp: perform initial CPU reset also for SMT siblings
s390/kexec_file: fix diag308 subcode when loading crash kernel
s390/dasd: fix hanging device offline processing
s390/dasd: prevent inconsistent LCU device data
s390/dasd: fix list corruption of pavgroup group list
s390/dasd: fix list corruption of lcu list
binder: add flag to clear buffer on txn complete
ASoC: cx2072x: Fix doubly definitions of Playback and Capture streams
staging: comedi: mf6x4: Fix AI end-of-conversion detection
perf/x86/intel: Add event constraint for CYCLE_ACTIVITY.STALLS_MEM_ANY
perf/x86/intel: Fix rtm_abort_event encoding on Ice Lake
powerpc/perf: Exclude kernel samples while counting events in user space.
crypto: ecdh - avoid unaligned accesses in ecdh_set_secret()
crypto: arm/aes-ce - work around Cortex-A57/A72 silion errata
EDAC/i10nm: Use readl() to access MMIO registers
EDAC/amd64: Fix PCI component registration
cpuset: fix race between hotplug work and later CPU offline
USB: serial: mos7720: fix parallel-port state restore
USB: serial: digi_acceleport: fix write-wakeup deadlocks
USB: serial: keyspan_pda: fix dropped unthrottle interrupts
USB: serial: keyspan_pda: fix write deadlock
USB: serial: keyspan_pda: fix stalled writes
USB: serial: keyspan_pda: fix write-wakeup use-after-free
USB: serial: keyspan_pda: fix tx-unthrottle use-after-free
USB: serial: keyspan_pda: fix write unthrottling
btrfs: do not shorten unpin len for caching block groups
ext4: fix a memory leak of ext4_free_data
ext4: fix deadlock with fs freezing and EA inodes
KVM: arm64: Introduce handling of AArch32 TTBCR2 traps
ARM: dts: pandaboard: fix pinmux for gpio user button of Pandaboard ES
ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2: fix CAN message ram offset and size
xprtrdma: Fix XDRBUF_SPARSE_PAGES support
powerpc: Fix incorrect stw{, ux, u, x} instructions in __set_pte_at
powerpc/rtas: Fix typo of ibm,open-errinjct in RTAS filter
powerpc/feature: Add CPU_FTR_NOEXECUTE to G2_LE
powerpc/xmon: Change printk() to pr_cont()
powerpc/8xx: Fix early debug when SMC1 is relocated
powerpc/mm: Fix verification of MMU_FTR_TYPE_44x
powerpc/powernv/npu: Do not attempt NPU2 setup on POWER8NVL NPU
powerpc/powernv/memtrace: Don't leak kernel memory to user space
powerpc/powernv/memtrace: Fix crashing the kernel when enabling concurrently
ima: Don't modify file descriptor mode on the fly
um: Remove use of asprinf in umid.c
ceph: fix race in concurrent __ceph_remove_cap invocations
SMB3: avoid confusing warning message on mount to Azure
ubifs: wbuf: Don't leak kernel memory to flash
jffs2: Fix GC exit abnormally
jffs2: Fix ignoring mounting options problem during remounting
jfs: Fix array index bounds check in dbAdjTree
platform/x86: mlx-platform: remove an unused variable
drm/amd/display: Fix memory leaks in S3 resume
drm/dp_aux_dev: check aux_dev before use in drm_dp_aux_dev_get_by_minor()
drm/i915: Fix mismatch between misplaced vma check and vma insert
spi: pxa2xx: Fix use-after-free on unbind
spi: spi-sh: Fix use-after-free on unbind
spi: atmel-quadspi: Fix use-after-free on unbind
spi: davinci: Fix use-after-free on unbind
spi: fsl: fix use of spisel_boot signal on MPC8309
spi: gpio: Don't leak SPI master in probe error path
spi: mxic: Don't leak SPI master in probe error path
spi: pic32: Don't leak DMA channels in probe error path
spi: rb4xx: Don't leak SPI master in probe error path
spi: sc18is602: Don't leak SPI master in probe error path
spi: st-ssc4: Fix unbalanced pm_runtime_disable() in probe error path
spi: synquacer: Disable clock in probe error path
spi: mt7621: Disable clock in probe error path
spi: mt7621: Don't leak SPI master in probe error path
spi: atmel-quadspi: Disable clock in probe error path
spi: atmel-quadspi: Fix AHB memory accesses
soc: qcom: smp2p: Safely acquire spinlock without IRQs
mtd: spinand: Fix OOB read
mtd: parser: cmdline: Fix parsing of part-names with colons
mtd: rawnand: qcom: Fix DMA sync on FLASH_STATUS register read
mtd: rawnand: meson: fix meson_nfc_dma_buffer_release() arguments
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash during driver load on big endian machines
scsi: lpfc: Fix invalid sleeping context in lpfc_sli4_nvmet_alloc()
scsi: lpfc: Re-fix use after free in lpfc_rq_buf_free()
iio: buffer: Fix demux update
iio: adc: rockchip_saradc: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in rockchip_saradc_resume
iio:light:rpr0521: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak.
iio:light:st_uvis25: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak.
iio:magnetometer:mag3110: Fix alignment and data leak issues.
iio:pressure:mpl3115: Force alignment of buffer
iio:imu:bmi160: Fix too large a buffer.
iio:adc:ti-ads124s08: Fix buffer being too long.
iio:adc:ti-ads124s08: Fix alignment and data leak issues.
md/cluster: block reshape with remote resync job
md/cluster: fix deadlock when node is doing resync job
pinctrl: sunxi: Always call chained_irq_{enter, exit} in sunxi_pinctrl_irq_handler
clk: ingenic: Fix divider calculation with div tables
clk: mvebu: a3700: fix the XTAL MODE pin to MPP1_9
clk: tegra: Do not return 0 on failure
device-dax/core: Fix memory leak when rmmod dax.ko
dma-buf/dma-resv: Respect num_fences when initializing the shared fence list.
xen-blkback: set ring->xenblkd to NULL after kthread_stop()
xen/xenbus: Allow watches discard events before queueing
xen/xenbus: Add 'will_handle' callback support in xenbus_watch_path()
xen/xenbus/xen_bus_type: Support will_handle watch callback
xen/xenbus: Count pending messages for each watch
xenbus/xenbus_backend: Disallow pending watch messages
libnvdimm/namespace: Fix reaping of invalidated block-window-namespace labels
platform/x86: intel-vbtn: Allow switch events on Acer Switch Alpha 12
PCI: Fix pci_slot_release() NULL pointer dereference
regulator: axp20x: Fix DLDO2 voltage control register mask for AXP22x
rtc: ep93xx: Fix NULL pointer dereference in ep93xx_rtc_read_time
Revert: "ring-buffer: Remove HAVE_64BIT_ALIGNED_ACCESS"
x86/CPU/AMD: Save AMD NodeId as cpu_die_id
Linux 5.4.86
UBUNTU: upstream stable to v5.4.86

CVE References

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Focal):
status: New → In Progress
assignee: nobody → Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa)
description: updated
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Focal):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.4.0-66.74

linux (5.4.0-66.74) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux: 5.4.0-66.74 -proposed tracker (LP: #1913152)

  * Add support for selective build of special drivers (LP: #1912789)
    - [Packaging] Add support for ODM drivers
    - [Packaging] Turn on ODM support for amd64

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - update dkms package versions
    - update dkms package versions

  * Introduce the new NVIDIA 460-server series and update the 460 series
    (LP: #1913200)
    - [Config] dkms-versions -- drop NVIDIA 435 455 and 440-server
    - [Config] dkms-versions -- add the 460-server nvidia driver

  * Enable mute and micmute LED on HP EliteBook 850 G7 (LP: #1910102)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable mute and micmute LED on HP EliteBook 850 G7

  * SYNA30B4:00 06CB:CE09 Mouse on HP EliteBook 850 G7 not working at all
    (LP: #1908992)
    - HID: multitouch: Enable multi-input for Synaptics pointstick/touchpad device

  * HD Audio Device PCI ID for the Intel Cometlake-R platform (LP: #1912427)
    - SAUCE: ALSA: hda: Add Cometlake-R PCI ID

  * switch to an autogenerated nvidia series based core via dkms-versions
    (LP: #1912803)
    - [Packaging] nvidia -- use dkms-versions to define versions built
    - [Packaging] update-version-dkms -- maintain flags fields
    - [Config] dkms-versions -- add transitional/skip information for nvidia

  * in net from ubuntu_kernel_selftests seems not reflecting sub-test
    result (LP: #1908499)
    - selftests: fix the return value for UDP GRO test

  * qede: Kubernetes Internal DNS Failure due to QL41xxx NIC not supporting IPIP
    tx csum offload (LP: #1909062)
    - qede: fix offload for IPIP tunnel packets

  * Use DCPD to control HP DreamColor panel (LP: #1911001)
    - SAUCE: drm/dp: Another HP DreamColor panel brigntness fix

  * kvm: Windows 2k19 with Hyper-v role gets stuck on pending hypervisor
    requests on cascadelake based kvm hosts (LP: #1911848)
    - KVM: x86: Set KVM_REQ_EVENT if run is canceled with req_immediate_exit set

  * Ubuntu 20.10 four needed fixes to 'Add driver for Mellanox Connect-IB
    adapters' (LP: #1905574)
    - net/mlx5: Fix a race when moving command interface to polling mode

  * Fix right sounds and mute/micmute LEDs for HP ZBook Fury 15/17 G7 Mobile
    Workstation (LP: #1910561)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: fix right sounds and mute/micmute LEDs for HP machines

  * Ubuntu 20.04 - multicast counter is not increased in ip -s (LP: #1901842)
    - net/mlx5e: Fix multicast counter not up-to-date in "ip -s"

  * in powerpc from ubuntu_kernel_selftests timeout with 5.4 P8 /
    P9 (LP: #1882503)
    - selftests/powerpc/eeh: disable kselftest timeout setting for eeh-basic

  * DMI entry syntax fix for Pegatron / ByteSpeed C15B (LP: #1910639)
    - Input: i8042 - unbreak Pegatron C15B

  * CVE-2020-29372
    - mm: check that mm is still valid in madvise()

  * update ENA driver, incl. new ethtool stats (LP: #1910291)
    - net: ena: Change WARN_ON expression in ena_del_napi_in_range()
    - net: ena: ethtool: convert stat_offset to 64 bit resolution
    - net: ena: eth...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Focal):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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