Comment 4 for bug 1895132

I facing a whole load of odd issues in recent Hirsute LXD containers on s390x.
Only s390x, only Hirsute - The guests didn't complete systemd initialization, some processes hang around, journal didn't start ...

ddstreet was so kind to recognize this on IRC and gave me a hint to this bug.
I was fomerly trying all kind of LXD versions, all behaved the same in regard to this issue.

Since it was mentioned to be introduced in 5.4.0-43.47 I was downgrading the kernel from 5.4.0-65 to 5.4.0-26. And e voila - my world was colorful and happy again.
So year, I seem to be affected by this and I must say it is a pretty heavy hitting as well as hard to debug issue.

+1 for a fast resolution ...