Eoan update: 5.3.17 upstream stable release

Bug #1856869 reported by Connor Kuehl on 2019-12-18
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linux (Ubuntu)
Connor Kuehl

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

* usb: gadget: configfs: Fix missing spin_lock_init()
* usb: gadget: pch_udc: fix use after free
* Revert "nvme: Add quirk for Kingston NVME SSD running FW E8FK11.T"
* scsi: zfcp: trace channel log even for FCP command responses
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix driver unload hang
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix memory leak when sending I/O fails
* media: venus: remove invalid compat_ioctl32 handler
* USB: uas: honor flag to avoid CAPACITY16
* USB: documentation: flags on usb-storage versus UAS
* usb: Allow USB device to be warm reset in suspended state
* usb: host: xhci-tegra: Correct phy enable sequence
* binder: fix incorrect calculation for num_valid
* staging: rtl8188eu: fix interface sanity check
* staging: rtl8712: fix interface sanity check
* staging: vchiq: call unregister_chrdev_region() when driver registration fails
* staging: gigaset: fix general protection fault on probe
* staging: gigaset: fix illegal free on probe errors
* staging: gigaset: add endpoint-type sanity check
* usb: xhci: only set D3hot for pci device
* xhci: Fix memory leak in xhci_add_in_port()
* xhci: fix USB3 device initiated resume race with roothub autosuspend
* xhci: Increase STS_HALT timeout in xhci_suspend()
* xhci: handle some XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirks cases as default behaviour.
* xhci: make sure interrupts are restored to correct state
* interconnect: qcom: sdm845: Walk the list safely on node removal
* ARM: dts: pandora-common: define wl1251 as child node of mmc3
* iio: adis16480: Add debugfs_reg_access entry
* iio: adis16480: Fix scales factors
* iio: humidity: hdc100x: fix IIO_HUMIDITYRELATIVE channel reporting
* iio: imu: inv_mpu6050: fix temperature reporting using bad unit
* iio: adc: ad7606: fix reading unnecessary data from device
* iio: adc: ad7124: Enable internal reference
* USB: atm: ueagle-atm: add missing endpoint check
* USB: idmouse: fix interface sanity checks
* USB: serial: io_edgeport: fix epic endpoint lookup
* usb: roles: fix a potential use after free
* USB: adutux: fix interface sanity check
* usb: core: urb: fix URB structure initialization function
* usb: mon: Fix a deadlock in usbmon between mmap and read
* tpm: add check after commands attribs tab allocation
* EDAC/altera: Use fast register IO for S10 IRQs
* brcmfmac: disable PCIe interrupts before bus reset
* mtd: spear_smi: Fix Write Burst mode
* mtd: rawnand: Change calculating of position page containing BBM
* virt_wifi: fix use-after-free in virt_wifi_newlink()
* virtio-balloon: fix managed page counts when migrating pages between zones
* usb: dwc3: pci: add ID for the Intel Comet Lake -H variant
* usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix logical condition
* usb: dwc3: gadget: Clear started flag for non-IOC
* usb: dwc3: ep0: Clear started flag on completion
* phy: renesas: rcar-gen3-usb2: Fix sysfs interface of "role"
* usb: typec: fix use after free in typec_register_port()
* iwlwifi: pcie: fix support for transmitting SKBs with fraglist
* btrfs: check page->mapping when loading free space cache
* btrfs: use refcount_inc_not_zero in kill_all_nodes
* Btrfs: fix metadata space leak on fixup worker failure to set range as delalloc
* Btrfs: fix negative subv_writers counter and data space leak after buffered write
* btrfs: Avoid getting stuck during cyclic writebacks
* btrfs: Remove btrfs_bio::flags member
* Btrfs: send, skip backreference walking for extents with many references
* btrfs: record all roots for rename exchange on a subvol
* rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing code to retrieve RX buffer address
* rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing callback that tests for hw release of buffer
* rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing enable interrupt flag
* lib: raid6: fix awk build warnings
* Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: ovl: fix lookup failure on multi lower squashfs"
* ovl: fix lookup failure on multi lower squashfs
* ovl: fix corner case of non-unique st_dev;st_ino
* ovl: relax WARN_ON() on rename to self
* hwrng: omap - Fix RNG wait loop timeout
* dm writecache: handle REQ_FUA
* dm zoned: reduce overhead of backing device checks
* workqueue: Fix spurious sanity check failures in destroy_workqueue()
* workqueue: Fix pwq ref leak in rescuer_thread()
* ASoC: rt5645: Fixed buddy jack support.
* ASoC: rt5645: Fixed typo for buddy jack support.
* ASoC: Jack: Fix NULL pointer dereference in snd_soc_jack_report
* ASoC: fsl_audmix: Add spin lock to protect tdms
* md: improve handling of bio with REQ_PREFLUSH in md_flush_request()
* blk-mq: avoid sysfs buffer overflow with too many CPU cores
* cgroup: pids: use atomic64_t for pids->limit
* wil6210: check len before memcpy() calls
* ar5523: check NULL before memcpy() in ar5523_cmd()
* s390/mm: properly clear _PAGE_NOEXEC bit when it is not supported
* media: hantro: Fix s_fmt for dynamic resolution changes
* media: bdisp: fix memleak on release
* media: radio: wl1273: fix interrupt masking on release
* media: cec.h: CEC_OP_REC_FLAG_ values were swapped
* cpuidle: Do not unset the driver if it is there already
* cpuidle: teo: Ignore disabled idle states that are too deep
* cpuidle: teo: Rename local variable in teo_select()
* cpuidle: teo: Consider hits and misses metrics of disabled states
* cpuidle: teo: Fix "early hits" handling for disabled idle states
* erofs: zero out when listxattr is called with no xattr
* powerpc/perf: Disable trace_imc pmu
* intel_th: Fix a double put_device() in error path
* intel_th: pci: Add Ice Lake CPU support
* intel_th: pci: Add Tiger Lake CPU support
* PM / devfreq: Lock devfreq in trans_stat_show
* cpufreq: powernv: fix stack bloat and hard limit on number of CPUs
* ALSA: fireface: fix return value in error path of isochronous resources reservation
* ALSA: oxfw: fix return value in error path of isochronous resources reservation
* ACPI / utils: Move acpi_dev_get_first_match_dev() under CONFIG_ACPI
* ACPI: LPSS: Add LNXVIDEO -> BYT I2C7 to lpss_device_links
* ACPI: LPSS: Add LNXVIDEO -> BYT I2C1 to lpss_device_links
* ACPI: LPSS: Add dmi quirk for skipping _DEP check for some device-links
* ACPI / hotplug / PCI: Allocate resources directly under the non-hotplug bridge
* ACPI: OSL: only free map once in osl.c
* ACPI: bus: Fix NULL pointer check in acpi_bus_get_private_data()
* ACPI: PM: Avoid attaching ACPI PM domain to certain devices
* pinctrl: rza2: Fix gpio name typos
* pinctrl: armada-37xx: Fix irq mask access in armada_37xx_irq_set_type()
* pinctrl: samsung: Add of_node_put() before return in error path
* pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in Exynos wakeup controller init
* pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in S3C24xx wakeup controller init
* pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in init code
* pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in S3C64xx wakeup controller init
* mmc: host: omap_hsmmc: add code for special init of wl1251 to get rid of pandora_wl1251_init_card
* ARM: dts: omap3-tao3530: Fix incorrect MMC card detection GPIO polarity
* RDMA/core: Fix ib_dma_max_seg_size()
* ppdev: fix PPGETTIME/PPSETTIME ioctls
* stm class: Lose the protocol driver when dropping its reference
* coresight: Serialize enabling/disabling a link device.
* powerpc: Allow 64bit VDSO __kernel_sync_dicache to work across ranges >4GB
* powerpc/xive: Prevent page fault issues in the machine crash handler
* powerpc: Allow flush_icache_range to work across ranges >4GB
* powerpc/xive: Skip ioremap() of ESB pages for LSI interrupts
* video/hdmi: Fix AVI bar unpack
* quota: Check that quota is not dirty before release
* ext2: check err when partial != NULL
* Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: seccomp: avoid overflow in implicit constant conversion"
* seccomp: avoid overflow in implicit constant conversion
* quota: fix livelock in dquot_writeback_dquots
* ext4: Fix credit estimate for final inode freeing
* reiserfs: fix extended attributes on the root directory
* scsi: lpfc: Fix bad ndlp ptr in xri aborted handling
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix abort timeout race condition.
* scsi: qla2xxx: Do command completion on abort timeout
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix premature timer expiration
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix DMA unmap leak
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix different size DMA Alloc/Unmap
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NVMe port discovery after a short device port loss
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix hang in fcport delete path
* scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla2x00_abort_srb() again decrease the sp reference count
* scsi: qla2xxx: Really fix qla2xxx_eh_abort()
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix session lookup in qlt_abort_work()
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix qla24xx_process_bidir_cmd()
* scsi: qla2xxx: Always check the qla2x00_wait_for_hba_online() return value
* scsi: qla2xxx: Check secondary image if reading the primary image fails
* scsi: qla2xxx: Make sure that aborted commands are freed
* scsi: qla2xxx: qla2x00_alloc_fw_dump: set ha->eft
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix message indicating vectors used by driver
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix flash read for Qlogic ISPs
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix driver reload for ISP82xx
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck login session
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stale session
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix SRB leak on switch command timeout
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a dma_pool_free() call
* Revert "scsi: qla2xxx: Fix memory leak when sending I/O fails"
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a race condition between aborting and completing a SCSI command
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix double scsi_done for abort path
* scsi: qla2xxx: Introduce the function qla2xxx_init_sp()
* iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: move odr_table in st_lsm6dsx_sensor_settings
* iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: fix ODR check in st_lsm6dsx_write_raw
* iio: ad7949: kill pointless "readback"-handling code
* iio: ad7949: fix channels mixups
* omap: pdata-quirks: revert pandora specific gpiod additions
* omap: pdata-quirks: remove openpandora quirks for mmc3 and wl1251
* powerpc: Avoid clang warnings around setjmp and longjmp
* powerpc: Fix vDSO clock_getres()
* mm, memfd: fix COW issue on MAP_PRIVATE and F_SEAL_FUTURE_WRITE mappings
* Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: mfd: rk808: Fix RK818 ID template"
* mfd: rk808: Fix RK818 ID template
* mm: memcg/slab: wait for !root kmem_cache refcnt killing on root kmem_cache destruction
* ext4: work around deleting a file with i_nlink == 0 safely
* firmware: qcom: scm: Ensure 'a0' status code is treated as signed
* s390/smp,vdso: fix ASCE handling
* s390/kaslr: store KASLR offset for early dumps
* mm/shmem.c: cast the type of unmap_start to u64
* rtc: disable uie before setting time and enable after
* splice: only read in as much information as there is pipe buffer space
* ext4: fix a bug in ext4_wait_for_tail_page_commit
* blk-mq: make sure that line break can be printed
* workqueue: Fix missing kfree(rescuer) in destroy_workqueue()
* raid5: need to set STRIPE_HANDLE for batch head
* scsi: qla2xxx: Change discovery state before PLOGI
* SUNRPC: Fix another issue with MIC buffer space
* net_sched: validate TCA_KIND attribute in tc_chain_tmplt_add()
* arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: Re-add PMU node
* block: fix "check bi_size overflow before merge"
* EDAC/ghes: Do not warn when incrementing refcount on 0
* Linux 5.3.17
* UBUNTU: upstream stable to v5.3.17

       5.3.17 upstream stable release
       from git://git.kernel.org/

Connor Kuehl (connork) on 2019-12-18
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Invalid
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
assignee: nobody → Connor Kuehl (connork)
Connor Kuehl (connork) on 2019-12-18
description: updated
description: updated
Connor Kuehl (connork) wrote :

Please note I:

* Reverted the UBUNTU SAUCE version of "ovl: fix lookup failure on multi lower squashfs" in favor of the upstream stable version

* Reverted the UBUNTU SAUCE version of "seccomp: avoid overflow in implicit constant conversion" in favor of the upstream stable version

* Reverted the UBUNTU SAUCE version of "mfd: rk808: Fix RK818 ID template" in favor of the upstream stable version

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (78.1 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.3.0-40.32

linux (5.3.0-40.32) eoan; urgency=medium

  * eoan/linux: 5.3.0-40.32 -proposed tracker (LP: #1861214)

  * No sof soundcard for 'ASoC: CODEC DAI intel-hdmi-hifi1 not registered' after
    modprobe sof (LP: #1860248)
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: fix HDA codec driver probe with multiple controllers

  * ocfs2-tools is causing kernel panics in Ubuntu Focal (Ubuntu-5.4.0-9.12)
    (LP: #1852122)
    - ocfs2: fix the crash due to call ocfs2_get_dlm_debug once less

  * QAT drivers for C3XXX and C62X not included as modules (LP: #1845959)
    - [Config] CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_C3XXX=m, CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_C62X=m and

  * Eoan update: upstream stable patchset 2020-01-24 (LP: #1860816)
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix discovery failures when target device connectivity bounces
    - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix clear pending bit in ioctl status
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix locking on mailbox command completion
    - Input: atmel_mxt_ts - disable IRQ across suspend
    - f2fs: fix to update time in lazytime mode
    - iommu: rockchip: Free domain on .domain_free
    - iommu/tegra-smmu: Fix page tables in > 4 GiB memory
    - dmaengine: xilinx_dma: Clear desc_pendingcount in xilinx_dma_reset
    - scsi: target: compare full CHAP_A Algorithm strings
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix SLI3 hba in loop mode not discovering devices
    - scsi: csiostor: Don't enable IRQs too early
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Replace in_softirq() check in hisi_sas_task_exec()
    - powerpc/pseries: Mark accumulate_stolen_time() as notrace
    - powerpc/pseries: Don't fail hash page table insert for bolted mapping
    - powerpc/tools: Don't quote $objdump in scripts
    - dma-debug: add a schedule point in debug_dma_dump_mappings()
    - leds: lm3692x: Handle failure to probe the regulator
    - clocksource/drivers/asm9260: Add a check for of_clk_get
    - clocksource/drivers/timer-of: Use unique device name instead of timer
    - powerpc/security/book3s64: Report L1TF status in sysfs
    - powerpc/book3s64/hash: Add cond_resched to avoid soft lockup warning
    - ext4: update direct I/O read lock pattern for IOCB_NOWAIT
    - ext4: iomap that extends beyond EOF should be marked dirty
    - jbd2: Fix statistics for the number of logged blocks
    - scsi: tracing: Fix handling of TRANSFER LENGTH == 0 for READ(6) and WRITE(6)
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix duplicate unreg_rpi error in port offline flow
    - f2fs: fix to update dir's i_pino during cross_rename
    - clk: qcom: Allow constant ratio freq tables for rcg
    - clk: clk-gpio: propagate rate change to parent
    - irqchip/irq-bcm7038-l1: Enable parent IRQ if necessary
    - irqchip: ingenic: Error out if IRQ domain creation failed
    - fs/quota: handle overflows of sysctl fs.quota.* and report as unsigned long
    - scsi: lpfc: fix: Coverity: lpfc_cmpl_els_rsp(): Null pointer dereferences
    - PCI: rpaphp: Fix up pointer to first drc-info entry
    - scsi: ufs: fix potential bug which ends in system hang
    - powerpc/pseries/cmm: Implement release() function for sysfs device
    - PCI: rpaphp: Don't rely on firmware feature to imply drc-info support
    - PCI: rpaphp: Annotate and corr...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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