Eoan update: 5.3.15 upstream stable release

Bug #1855306 reported by Connor Kuehl
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linux (Ubuntu)
Connor Kuehl

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

* io_uring: async workers should inherit the user creds
* net: separate out the msghdr copy from ___sys_{send,recv}msg()
* net: disallow ancillary data for __sys_{send,recv}msg_file()
* XArray: Fix xas_next() with a single entry at 0
* clk: meson: gxbb: let sar_adc_clk_div set the parent clock rate
* clk: at91: sam9x60: fix programmable clock
* thunderbolt: Read DP IN adapter first two dwords in one go
* thunderbolt: Fix lockdep circular locking depedency warning
* clocksource/drivers/mediatek: Fix error handling
* soundwire: intel: fix intel_register_dai PDI offsets and numbers
* ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix RX1 selection in RDAC2 MUX
* ASoC: compress: fix unsigned integer overflow check
* reset: Fix memory leak in reset_control_array_put()
* clk: samsung: exynos5433: Fix error paths
* clk: samsung: exynos542x: Move G3D subsystem clocks to its sub-CMU
* ASoC: kirkwood: fix external clock probe defer
* ASoC: kirkwood: fix device remove ordering
* arm64: dts: ls1028a: fix a compatible issue
* clk: samsung: exynos5420: Preserve PLL configuration during suspend/resume
* pinctrl: cherryview: Allocate IRQ chip dynamic
* ARM: dts: imx6qdl-sabreauto: Fix storm of accelerometer interrupts
* soc: imx: gpc: fix initialiser format
* reset: fix reset_control_ops kerneldoc comment
* arm64: dts: imx8mm: fix compatible string for sdma
* ASoC: SOF: ipc: Fix memory leak in sof_set_get_large_ctrl_data
* ASoC: ti: sdma-pcm: Add back the flags parameter for non standard dma names
* ASoC: rockchip: rockchip_max98090: Enable SHDN to fix headset detection
* clk: at91: avoid sleeping early
* clk: sunxi: Fix operator precedence in sunxi_divs_clk_setup
* clk: sunxi-ng: a80: fix the zero'ing of bits 16 and 18
* ARM: dts: sun8i-a83t-tbs-a711: Fix WiFi resume from suspend
* bpf: Allow narrow loads of bpf_sysctl fields with offset > 0
* samples/bpf: fix build by setting HAVE_ATTR_TEST to zero
* bpf: Change size to u64 for bpf_map_{area_alloc, charge_init}()
* powerpc/bpf: Fix tail call implementation
* idr: Fix idr_get_next_ul race with idr_remove
* idr: Fix integer overflow in idr_for_each_entry
* idr: Fix idr_alloc_u32 on 32-bit systems
* x86/resctrl: Prevent NULL pointer dereference when reading mondata
* arm64: dts: zii-ultra: fix ARM regulator GPIO handle
* fbdev: c2p: Fix link failure on non-inlining
* ASoC: hdac_hda: fix race in device removal
* clk: ti: dra7-atl-clock: Remove ti_clk_add_alias call
* clk: ti: clkctrl: Fix failed to enable error with double udelay timeout
* net: fec: add missed clk_disable_unprepare in remove
* netfilter: ipset: Fix nla_policies to fully support NL_VALIDATE_STRICT
* bridge: ebtables: don't crash when using dnat target in output chains
* netfilter: nf_tables: bogus EOPNOTSUPP on basechain update
* netfilter: nf_tables_offload: skip EBUSY on chain update
* stacktrace: Don't skip first entry on noncurrent tasks
* can: peak_usb: report bus recovery as well
* can: c_can: D_CAN: c_can_chip_config(): perform a sofware reset on open
* can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_queue_tail(): fix error handling, avoid skb mem leak
* can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): do not increase the skb_queue beyond skb_queue_len_max
* can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): increment rx_fifo_errors on queue overflow or OOM
* can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): use ERR_PTR() to propagate error value in case of errors
* can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_irq_offload_timestamp(): continue on error
* can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_irq_offload_fifo(): continue on error
* can: flexcan: increase error counters if skb enqueueing via can_rx_offload_queue_sorted() fails
* x86/tsc: Respect tsc command line paraemeter for clocksource_tsc_early
* perf scripting engines: Iterate on tep event arrays directly
* can: mcp251x: mcp251x_restart_work_handler(): Fix potential force_quit race condition
* nvme-rdma: fix a segmentation fault during module unload
* nvme-multipath: fix crash in nvme_mpath_clear_ctrl_paths
* watchdog: pm8916_wdt: fix pretimeout registration flow
* watchdog: meson: Fix the wrong value of left time
* watchdog: imx_sc_wdt: Pretimeout should follow SCU firmware format
* watchdog: bd70528: Add MODULE_ALIAS to allow module auto loading
* ASoC: stm32: sai: add restriction on mmap support
* ALSA: hda: hdmi - add Tigerlake support
* ARM: dts: stm32: Fix CAN RAM mapping on stm32mp157c
* ASoC: SOF: topology: Fix bytes control size checks
* mm/gup_benchmark: fix MAP_HUGETLB case
* scripts/gdb: fix debugging modules compiled with hot/cold partitioning
* net: bcmgenet: use RGMII loopback for MAC reset
* net: bcmgenet: reapply manual settings to the PHY
* drm/amdgpu: dont schedule jobs while in reset
* net/mlx5e: Fix eswitch debug print of max fdb flow
* net/mlx5e: Use correct enum to determine uplink port
* net: mscc: ocelot: fix __ocelot_rmw_ix prototype
* drm/amd/swSMU: fix smu workload bit map error
* drm/amdgpu: register gpu instance before fan boost feature enablment
* drm/amdgpu: add warning for GRBM 1-cycle delay issue in gfx9
* net: stmmac: gmac4: bitrev32 returns u32
* net: stmmac: xgmac: bitrev32 returns u32
* net: stmmac: xgmac: Fix TSA selection
* net: stmmac: xgmac: Disable Flow Control when 1 or more queues are in AV
* ceph: return -EINVAL if given fsc mount option on kernel w/o support
* mac80211: fix ieee80211_txq_setup_flows() failure path
* net/fq_impl: Switch to kvmalloc() for memory allocation
* mac80211: fix station inactive_time shortly after boot
* block: drbd: remove a stray unlock in __drbd_send_protocol()
* pwm: bcm-iproc: Prevent unloading the driver module while in use
* ice: fix potential infinite loop because loop counter being too small
* iavf: initialize ITRN registers with correct values
* i40e: Fix for ethtool -m issue on X722 NIC
* clk: at91: fix update bit maps on CFG_MOR write
* usb: dwc2: use a longer core rest timeout in dwc2_core_reset()
* staging: wilc1000: fix illegal memory access in wilc_parse_join_bss_param()
* staging: rtl8192e: fix potential use after free
* staging: rtl8723bs: Drop ACPI device ids
* staging: rtl8723bs: Add 024c:0525 to the list of SDIO device-ids
* USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add device IDs for U-Blox C099-F9P
* mei: bus: prefix device names on bus with the bus name
* mei: me: add comet point V device id
* thunderbolt: Power cycle the router if NVM authentication fails
* x86/fpu: Don't cache access to fpu_fpregs_owner_ctx
* gve: Fix the queue page list allocated pages count
* macvlan: schedule bc_work even if error
* mdio_bus: don't use managed reset-controller
* net: dsa: sja1105: fix sja1105_parse_rgmii_delays()
* net: macb: add missed tasklet_kill
* net: psample: fix skb_over_panic
* net: sched: fix `tc -s class show` no bstats on class with nolock subqueues
* openvswitch: fix flow command message size
* sctp: Fix memory leak in sctp_sf_do_5_2_4_dupcook
* slip: Fix use-after-free Read in slip_open
* sctp: cache netns in sctp_ep_common
* openvswitch: drop unneeded BUG_ON() in ovs_flow_cmd_build_info()
* openvswitch: remove another BUG_ON()
* net/tls: take into account that bpf_exec_tx_verdict() may free the record
* net/tls: free the record on encryption error
* net: skmsg: fix TLS 1.3 crash with full sk_msg
* selftests/tls: add a test for fragmented messages
* net/tls: remove the dead inplace_crypto code
* net/tls: use sg_next() to walk sg entries
* selftests: bpf: test_sockmap: handle file creation failures gracefully
* selftests: bpf: correct perror strings
* tipc: fix link name length check
* selftests: pmtu: use -oneline for ip route list cache
* ext4: add more paranoia checking in ext4_expand_extra_isize handling
* HID: core: check whether Usage Page item is after Usage ID items
* platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix ACPI errors caused by too small buffer
* platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix ACPI errors caused by passing 0 as input size
* net: fec: fix clock count mis-match
* Linux 5.3.15
* UBUNTU: upstream stable to v5.3.15

       5.3.15 upstream stable release
       from git://git.kernel.org/

Connor Kuehl (connork)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
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tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Invalid
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
assignee: nobody → Connor Kuehl (connork)
Connor Kuehl (connork)
description: updated
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Connor Kuehl (connork) wrote :

Note that the following patch was skipped as it's already been applied:

 * "xfrm: Fix memleak on xfrm state destroy"

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.3.0-40.32

linux (5.3.0-40.32) eoan; urgency=medium

  * eoan/linux: 5.3.0-40.32 -proposed tracker (LP: #1861214)

  * No sof soundcard for 'ASoC: CODEC DAI intel-hdmi-hifi1 not registered' after
    modprobe sof (LP: #1860248)
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: fix HDA codec driver probe with multiple controllers

  * ocfs2-tools is causing kernel panics in Ubuntu Focal (Ubuntu-5.4.0-9.12)
    (LP: #1852122)
    - ocfs2: fix the crash due to call ocfs2_get_dlm_debug once less

  * QAT drivers for C3XXX and C62X not included as modules (LP: #1845959)
    - [Config] CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_C3XXX=m, CRYPTO_DEV_QAT_C62X=m and

  * Eoan update: upstream stable patchset 2020-01-24 (LP: #1860816)
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix discovery failures when target device connectivity bounces
    - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix clear pending bit in ioctl status
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix locking on mailbox command completion
    - Input: atmel_mxt_ts - disable IRQ across suspend
    - f2fs: fix to update time in lazytime mode
    - iommu: rockchip: Free domain on .domain_free
    - iommu/tegra-smmu: Fix page tables in > 4 GiB memory
    - dmaengine: xilinx_dma: Clear desc_pendingcount in xilinx_dma_reset
    - scsi: target: compare full CHAP_A Algorithm strings
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix SLI3 hba in loop mode not discovering devices
    - scsi: csiostor: Don't enable IRQs too early
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Replace in_softirq() check in hisi_sas_task_exec()
    - powerpc/pseries: Mark accumulate_stolen_time() as notrace
    - powerpc/pseries: Don't fail hash page table insert for bolted mapping
    - powerpc/tools: Don't quote $objdump in scripts
    - dma-debug: add a schedule point in debug_dma_dump_mappings()
    - leds: lm3692x: Handle failure to probe the regulator
    - clocksource/drivers/asm9260: Add a check for of_clk_get
    - clocksource/drivers/timer-of: Use unique device name instead of timer
    - powerpc/security/book3s64: Report L1TF status in sysfs
    - powerpc/book3s64/hash: Add cond_resched to avoid soft lockup warning
    - ext4: update direct I/O read lock pattern for IOCB_NOWAIT
    - ext4: iomap that extends beyond EOF should be marked dirty
    - jbd2: Fix statistics for the number of logged blocks
    - scsi: tracing: Fix handling of TRANSFER LENGTH == 0 for READ(6) and WRITE(6)
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix duplicate unreg_rpi error in port offline flow
    - f2fs: fix to update dir's i_pino during cross_rename
    - clk: qcom: Allow constant ratio freq tables for rcg
    - clk: clk-gpio: propagate rate change to parent
    - irqchip/irq-bcm7038-l1: Enable parent IRQ if necessary
    - irqchip: ingenic: Error out if IRQ domain creation failed
    - fs/quota: handle overflows of sysctl fs.quota.* and report as unsigned long
    - scsi: lpfc: fix: Coverity: lpfc_cmpl_els_rsp(): Null pointer dereferences
    - PCI: rpaphp: Fix up pointer to first drc-info entry
    - scsi: ufs: fix potential bug which ends in system hang
    - powerpc/pseries/cmm: Implement release() function for sysfs device
    - PCI: rpaphp: Don't rely on firmware feature to imply drc-info support
    - PCI: rpaphp: Annotate and corr...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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