Comment 0 for bug 1846335

Timo Aaltonen (tjaalton) wrote :

split from bug 1843774

This task is to identify what new device IDs are required for CML PCH-H.

Controller Kernel Version Commit Approved to be published Comments
USB device/xDCI 0x02ee
I²C (CMP-H) 0x06c5 0x06c6 0x60e8? 0x60e9? 0x06ea 0x06eb
HS-UART (CMP-H) 0x06a8 0x06a9 0x06c7
SPI (CMP-H) 0x06aa 0x06ab 0x06fb
GPIO (CMP-H) ???
SD Card (CMP-H) 0x06f5

Target Release: 19.10