Comment 4 for bug 1838180

Ok, the mis-directed output seems to be fixed with a kernel 5.2.

With the stock 5.0.0-21-generic, disconnecting BT in the Ubuntu gui does not actually disconnect immediately. Instead, the disconnect happens when BT is turned ON again in the gui!

(based on my BT headset's synthesized status-change messages, which say nothing when BT is turned OFF in the gui, but say "disconnected" when BT is turned ON in the gui).

Thereafter, sound goes to the speakers even though the gui shows the BT headset is connected. I found that power-cycling the headset clears the problem, presumably because of the extraneous connection messages when the headset comes back on.

These problem COMPLETELY GO AWAY with kernel 5.2 installed. Now, when I disconnect the headset in the Ubuntu gui, the headset instantly reports being disconnected, and it re-connects propertly when the headset is turned on again in the Ubuntu gui.

There are some remaining gui issues where the switch in the gui snaps back by itself to "off" on the first few tries, but after a while the headset connects correctly. I will file a different bugrep about that with a video.

In conclusion, it sounds like some kernel bug or api mis-match will be resolved with kernel 5.2, but that won't be shipped for while in Ubuntu. ]