Sometimes touchpad automatically trigger double click

Bug #1833484 reported by AceLan Kao on 2019-06-20
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linux (Ubuntu)
AceLan Kao
linux-oem-osp1 (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Dell machines which uses goodix touchpad IC emit double click event
while touching the touchpad if designware i2c adapter is in runtime

Goodix re-assert the interrupt if host doesn't read the data within
100ms and designware takes a longer time to wake up from runtime
suspend. In the case, it got a second interrupt during resuming, so
it thinks it's a double click.

There is no simple way to fix this, it's a firmware issue and goodix
agrees to fix this in their firmware on next release, but this issue is
still affects the machines that don't come with an updated firmware. So,
add a quirk to mark those machines and avoid the designware from entering
runtime suspend.

[Regression Potential]
Low, it only affects the listed machines, and prevent designware from
entering runtime suspend impacts the power consumption little or none
during short or long idle.

This patch contains on going product name, so set it as SAUCE patch,
will submit it to upstream and to Bionic kernel later.

AceLan Kao (acelankao) on 2019-06-20
tags: added: oem-priority originate-from-1828952 somerville
AceLan Kao (acelankao) on 2019-06-20
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
Changed in linux-oem-osp1 (Ubuntu):
status: New → Invalid
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Disco):
status: New → Fix Committed
Changed in linux-oem-osp1 (Ubuntu Bionic):
status: New → Fix Committed
tags: added: patch
AceLan Kao (acelankao) wrote :

Here is the v2 patch.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (5.2 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux-oem-osp1 - 5.0.0-1012.13

linux-oem-osp1 (5.0.0-1012.13) bionic; urgency=medium

  * linux-oem-osp1: 5.0.0-1012.13 -proposed tracker (LP: #1833932)

  * Add DMIC support to oem-kernel (LP: #1826181)
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: reduce ifdef usage for hda
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: Enable jack detection in sof hda driver
    - Revert "ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: switch to use legacy IRQ mode"
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: modify stream interrupt handler
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: fix warning for unused variable in non-HDA builds
    - ASoC: hdac_hdmi: report codec link up/down status to bus
    - ASoC: SOF: add runtime idle callback
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: implement runtime idle for CNL/APL
    - ASoC: SOF: dont wake dsp up in kcontrol IO
    - ASoC: codec: hdac_hdmi: fix pin connections at cvt enable
    - ALSA: hda: fix headphone detection failed

  * [SRU][B/B-OEM/B-OEM-OSP-1/C/D/E] Add trackpoint middle button support of 2
    new thinpads (LP: #1833637)
    - Input: elantech - enable middle button support on 2 ThinkPads

  * [graphics] Enable ICL (LP: #1825940)
    - drm/i915/icl: Add WaDisableBankHangMode
    - drm/i915/icl: Adding few more device IDs for Ice Lake
    - drm/i915/cfl: Adding another PCI Device ID.
    - drm/i915: Accept alloc_size == blocks
    - drm/i915: Don't pass plane state to skl_compute_plane_wm()
    - drm/i915: Extract skl_compute_wm_params()
    - drm/i915: Allocate enough DDB for the cursor
    - drm/i915: Make sure cursor has enough ddb for the selected wm level
    - drm/i915: Keep plane watermarks enabled more aggressively
    - drm/i915: Move some variables to tighter scope
    - drm/i915: Don't pass pipe_wm around so much
    - drm/i915: Inline skl_update_pipe_wm() into its only caller
    - drm/i915: Fix PSR2 selective update corruption after PSR1 setup
    - drm/i915: Populate pipe_offsets[] & co. accurately
    - drm/i915: Extract ilk_lut_10()
    - drm/i915: Don't use split gamma when we don't have to
    - drm/i915: Implement split/10bit gamma for ivb/hsw
    - drm/i915: Add 10bit LUT for ilk/snb
    - drm/i915: Add "10.6" LUT mode for i965+
    - drm/i915: Expose the legacy LUT via the GAMMA_LUT/GAMMA_LUT_SIZE props on
    - drm/i915: Expose full 1024 LUT entries on ivb+
    - drm/i915: Introduce struct class_instance for engines across the uAPI
    - drm/i915: Fix skl+ max plane width
    - drm/i915: Rename skl_wa_clkgating to the actual WA
    - drm/i915: Fix the inconsistent RMW in WA 827
    - drm/i915/icl: Fix clockgating issue when using scalers
    - drm/i915: Always try to reset the GPU on takeover
    - drm/i915: Add Wa_1409120013:icl,ehl
    - drm/i915/icl: use ranges for voltage level lookup
    - drm/i915/cnl: use ranges for voltage level lookup
    - drm/i915/skl: use ranges for voltage level lookup

  * Sometimes touchpad automatically trigger double click (LP: #1833484)
    - SAUCE: i2c: designware: Add disable runtime pm quirk

  * Add pointstick support on HP ZBook 17 G5 (LP: #1833387)
    - Revert "HID: multitouch: Support ALPS PTP stick with pid 0x120A"
    - SAUCE: HID: multitouch: Add pointstick support for ALPS Touchp...


Changed in linux-oem-osp1 (Ubuntu Bionic):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released

This bug is awaiting verification that the kernel in -proposed solves the problem. Please test the kernel and update this bug with the results. If the problem is solved, change the tag 'verification-needed-disco' to 'verification-done-disco'. If the problem still exists, change the tag 'verification-needed-disco' to 'verification-failed-disco'.

If verification is not done by 5 working days from today, this fix will be dropped from the source code, and this bug will be closed.

See for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you!

tags: added: verification-needed-disco
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.2.0-8.9

linux (5.2.0-8.9) eoan; urgency=medium

  * linux: 5.2.0-8.9 -proposed tracker (LP: #1835700)

  * Miscellaneous Ubuntu changes
    - [Packaging] replace zfs and spl build with zfs 0.8.1-1ubuntu1
    - SAUCE: test_bpf: remove expected fail for Ctx heavy transformations test on
    - SAUCE: add -fcf-protection=none to retpoline flags
    - SAUCE: usbip: ensure strings copied using strncpy are null-terminated
    - SAUCE: usbip: add -Wno-address-of-packed-member to EXTRA_CFLAGS
    - SAUCE: perf jvmti: ensure strncpy result is null-terminated
    - update dkms package versions
    - add removed zfs modules to modules.ignore

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Rebase to v5.2

 -- Seth Forshee <email address hidden> Mon, 08 Jul 2019 07:13:41 -0500

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (57.5 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.0.0-21.22

linux (5.0.0-21.22) disco; urgency=medium

  * linux: 5.0.0-21.22 -proposed tracker (LP: #1834902)

  * Disco update: 5.0.15 upstream stable release (LP: #1834529)
    - net: stmmac: Use bfsize1 in ndesc_init_rx_desc
    - Drivers: hv: vmbus: Remove the undesired put_cpu_ptr() in hv_synic_cleanup()
    - ubsan: Fix nasty -Wbuiltin-declaration-mismatch GCC-9 warnings
    - staging: greybus: power_supply: fix prop-descriptor request size
    - staging: wilc1000: Avoid GFP_KERNEL allocation from atomic context.
    - staging: most: cdev: fix chrdev_region leak in mod_exit
    - staging: most: sound: pass correct device when creating a sound card
    - ASoC: tlv320aic3x: fix reset gpio reference counting
    - ASoC: hdmi-codec: fix S/PDIF DAI
    - ASoC: stm32: sai: fix iec958 controls indexation
    - ASoC: stm32: sai: fix exposed capabilities in spdif mode
    - ASoC: stm32: sai: fix race condition in irq handler
    - ASoC:soc-pcm:fix a codec fixup issue in TDM case
    - ASoC:hdac_hda:use correct format to setup hda codec
    - ASoC:intel:skl:fix a simultaneous playback & capture issue on hda platform
    - ASoC: dpcm: prevent snd_soc_dpcm use after free
    - ASoC: nau8824: fix the issue of the widget with prefix name
    - ASoC: nau8810: fix the issue of widget with prefixed name
    - ASoC: samsung: odroid: Fix clock configuration for 44100 sample rate
    - ASoC: rt5682: Check JD status when system resume
    - ASoC: rt5682: fix jack type detection issue
    - ASoC: rt5682: recording has no sound after booting
    - ASoC: wm_adsp: Add locking to wm_adsp2_bus_error
    - clk: meson-gxbb: round the vdec dividers to closest
    - ASoC: stm32: dfsdm: manage multiple prepare
    - ASoC: stm32: dfsdm: fix debugfs warnings on entry creation
    - ASoC: cs4270: Set auto-increment bit for register writes
    - ASoC: dapm: Fix NULL pointer dereference in snd_soc_dapm_free_kcontrol
    - drm/omap: hdmi4_cec: Fix CEC clock handling for PM
    - IB/hfi1: Clear the IOWAIT pending bits when QP is put into error state
    - IB/hfi1: Eliminate opcode tests on mr deref
    - IB/hfi1: Fix the allocation of RSM table
    - MIPS: KGDB: fix kgdb support for SMP platforms.
    - ASoC: tlv320aic32x4: Fix Common Pins
    - drm/mediatek: Fix an error code in mtk_hdmi_dt_parse_pdata()
    - perf/x86/intel: Fix handling of wakeup_events for multi-entry PEBS
    - perf/x86/intel: Initialize TFA MSR
    - linux/kernel.h: Use parentheses around argument in u64_to_user_ptr()
    - iov_iter: Fix build error without CONFIG_CRYPTO
    - xtensa: fix initialization of pt_regs::syscall in start_thread
    - ASoC: rockchip: pdm: fix regmap_ops hang issue
    - drm/amdkfd: Add picasso pci id
    - drm/amdgpu: Adjust IB test timeout for XGMI configuration
    - drm/amdgpu: amdgpu_device_recover_vram always failed if only one node in
    - drm/amd/display: fix cursor black issue
    - ASoC: cs35l35: Disable regulators on driver removal
    - objtool: Add rewind_stack_do_exit() to the noreturn list
    - slab: fix a crash by reading /proc/slab_allocators
    - drm/sun4i: tcon top: Fix NULL/inv...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Disco):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
AceLan Kao (acelankao) on 2019-07-23
Changed in linux-oem-osp1 (Ubuntu Disco):
status: New → Invalid
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package linux-oem-osp1 - 5.0.0-1015.16

linux-oem-osp1 (5.0.0-1015.16) bionic; urgency=medium

  * linux-oem-osp1: 5.0.0-1015.16 -proposed tracker (LP: #1836856)

  * System does not auto detect disconnection of external monitor (LP: #1835001)
    - drm/i915: Add support for retrying hotplug
    - drm/i915: Enable hotplug retry

  * alsa/hdmi: add icelake hdmi audio support for a Dell machine (LP: #1836916)
    - ALSA: hda: hdmi - add Icelake support
    - ALSA: hda/hdmi - Remove duplicated define
    - ALSA: hda/hdmi - Fix i915 reverse port/pin mapping

  * input/mouse: alps trackpoint-only device doesn't work (LP: #1836752)
    - Input: alps - don't handle ALPS cs19 trackpoint-only device

  * First click on Goodix touchpad doesn't be recognized after runtime suspended
    (LP: #1836836)
    - SAUCE: i2c: designware: add G3 3590 into i2c quirk

 -- Timo Aaltonen <email address hidden> Thu, 18 Jul 2019 11:29:53 +0300

Changed in linux-oem-osp1 (Ubuntu Disco):
status: Invalid → Fix Released
AceLan Kao (acelankao) on 2019-08-08
tags: added: verification-done-disco
removed: verification-needed-disco
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (21.2 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux-oem-osp1 - 5.0.0-1018.20

linux-oem-osp1 (5.0.0-1018.20) bionic; urgency=medium

  * alsa/hdmi: the sound is distorted when playing via nvidia hdmi
    (LP: #1838243)
    - ALSA: hda: program stripe control for codec

  * alsa/sof: let legacy hda driver and sof driver co-exist (LP: #1837828)
    - ASoC: Intel: Skylake: move NHLT header to common directory
    - ALSA: hda: move parts of NHLT code to new module
    - ALSA: hda: intel-nhlt: handle NHLT VENDOR_DEFINED DMIC geometry
    - ASoC: Intel: Skylake: use common NHLT module
    - ALSA: hda/intel: stop probe if DMICS are detected on Skylake+ platforms
    - [Config] enable SND_HDA_INTEL_DETECT_DMIC for dmic
    - [Config] enable SND_HDA_INTEL_DETECT_DMIC for dmic

  * alsa/sof: the headphone doesn't work when sound-setting opens (LP: #1837900)
    - Revert "ASoC: SOF: hda: set autosuspend delay for hda bus device"

  * input/mouse: alps trackpoint-only device doesn't work (LP: #1836752)
    - Revert "Input: alps - don't handle ALPS cs19 trackpoint-only device"
    - Input: alps - don't handle ALPS cs19 trackpoint-only device
    - Input: alps - fix a mismatch between a condition check and its comment

  * alsa/hdmi: add icelake hdmi audio support for a Dell machine (LP: #1836916)
    - SAUCE: i915: set disable_power_well=0 for icl temporarily

  * alsa/sof: The definition of ROM state register is not correct (LP: #1837500)
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: HDA: correct ROM state mask

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] update helper scripts

  [ Ubuntu: 5.0.0-25.26 ]

  * CVE-2019-1125
    - x86/cpufeatures: Carve out CQM features retrieval
    - x86/cpufeatures: Combine word 11 and 12 into a new scattered features word
    - x86/speculation: Prepare entry code for Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations
    - x86/speculation: Enable Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations
    - x86/entry/64: Use JMP instead of JMPQ
    - x86/speculation/swapgs: Exclude ATOMs from speculation through SWAPGS

  [ Ubuntu: 5.0.0-24.25 ]

  * disco/linux: 5.0.0-24.25 -proposed tracker (LP: #1838395)
  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] resync git-ubuntu-log
  * hibmc-drm Causes Unreadable Display for Huawei amd64 Servers (LP: #1762940)
    - [Config] Set CONFIG_DRM_HISI_HIBMC to arm64 only
    - SAUCE: Make CONFIG_DRM_HISI_HIBMC depend on ARM64
  * [18.04 FEAT] zKVM: Add hardware CPU Model - kernel part (LP: #1836153)
    - KVM: s390: add debug logging for cpu model subfunctions
    - KVM: s390: implement subfunction processor calls
    - KVM: s390: add vector enhancements facility 2 to cpumodel
    - KVM: s390: add vector BCD enhancements facility to cpumodel
    - KVM: s390: add MSA9 to cpumodel
    - KVM: s390: provide query function for instructions returning 32 byte
    - KVM: s390: add enhanced sort facilty to cpu model
    - KVM: s390: add deflate conversion facilty to cpu model
    - KVM: s390: enable MSA9 keywrapping functions depending on cpu model
  * bcache: risk of data loss on I/O errors in backing or caching devices
    (LP: #1829563)
    - Revert "bcache: set CACHE_SET_IO_DISABLE in bch_cached_dev_error()"
  * Intel ethernet I219 has...

Changed in linux-oem-osp1 (Ubuntu):
status: Invalid → Fix Released
description: updated
Changed in hwe-next:
status: New → Triaged
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Bionic):
status: New → Triaged
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