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bugproxy (bugproxy) wrote :

Description: kernel: Fix wrong dispatching for control domain CPRBs

Symptom: Unable to maintain control-only crypto domains

Problem: LPARs may have control-only crypto domains assigned.
               Such a domain can be controlled (for example master keys can
               be set) but can't be used for regualar crypto load (usage).
               A crypto domain may be assigned for control-and-usage to
               only one active LPAR. But the very same domain may be
               assigned for control-only to one or more other LPARs.
               However, trying to communicate in any way with a
               control-only crypto domain did not work. So a simple query
               for the state of the master keys on a control-only domain
               failed and the TKE does not even show this domain. Even
               worse, when the lowest domain (in a numerically sense) is a
               control-only domain, the TKE does not even see the crypto
               cards at all.

Solution: This fix introduces some code which checks if an CCA CPRB is
               addressing a control-only domain. If that's the case and
               there is a default control-and-usage domain available the
               CPRB is send to this other domain instead. The target domain
               field within the CPRB is untouched and the crypto card
               firmware code detects this working-as-designed mismatch and
               does the right job and addresses the control domain.

Reproduction: 1. Add a control-only domain to the crypto configuration of
                  an LPAR and re-activate the LPAR.
               2. Connect the TKE the LPAR and try to visit the master key
                  verification patterns of this control-only domain.
               3. Will fail without the fix, will succeed with the fix.

Component: kernel
Upstream-ID: 7379e652797c0b9b5f6caea1576f2dff9ce6a708

This fix is requested for 19.10 but should also be applied to 18.04 and 19.04