Comment 3 for bug 1800639

------- Comment From <email address hidden> 2018-10-31 06:30 EDT-------
The problem description and git commits updated.
Also updated LP1800639.

Description: net/af_iucv: fix skb leaks for HiperTransport
Symptom: Memory leaks and/or double-freed network packets.
Problem: Inbound packets may have any combination of flag bits set in
their iucv header. Current code only handles certain
combinations, and ignores (ie. leaks) all packets with other
On Transmit, current code is inconsistent about whether the error
paths need to free the skb. Depending on which error path is
taken, it may either get freed twice, or leak.
Solution: On receive, drop any skb with an unexpected combination of iucv
Header flags.
On transmit, be consistent in all error paths about free'ing the

kerne 4.19
Upstream-ID: 222440996d6daf635bed6cb35041be22ede3e8a0