Comment 19 for bug 1774845

Zakhar, please advise to all of the following:

1) Regarding both issues of couple minutes delay of boot, and sluggish system, for clarity this report is scoped to the first. Once the scope of this report is resolved for you, the second issue can be re-visited.

2) In order to allow additional upstream developers to examine this issue, at your earliest convenience, could you please test the latest drm-tip kernel following from ?

3) In order to keep this relevant to upstream developers, it is best to test drm-tip as each new release comes out. Otherwise, developers may change focus quickly to those of higher priority, and issues where testing is done more frequently.

4) In order to allow your report to be most helpful to upstream developers, it is best to confirm by testing with your hardware which commit precisely caused the booting delay issue. As per your report FDO#106422:
kernel 4.4.0-31-generic ==> Works
kernel 4.8.0-36-generic ==> Doesn't

One may speed up bisecting by using a different computer to run git bisect, and build the relevant kernel. Then copy over the kernel to the Dell Inspiron 1525 for quick testing following .

4) As per FDO#93782 C#12 an Intel developer requested that folks test a patch. If the patch doesn't work, modify a file, re-build the kernel, and re-test. Without this, developers may quickly focus their efforts to other reports, delaying your issue from being resolved. Could you please advise the results?