Comment 2 for bug 177166

levander (levander) wrote :

I reported this bug based on information I'd gathered off the Ubuntu Forums and the mythtv-users mailing list. I was trying to figure out if it would work or not if I bought it.

It turns out I had misread the USB UIRT web site. They want $50 + $8 shipping, not just $8. The USB UIRT has Windows logos all over their web site and pays no attention to Linux.

It turns out, there's a $40 USB IR transceiver from IguanaWorks, which is cheaper than the USB UIRT. It's at

And, going back and talking to some of the people I talked to about the USB UIRT, he tells me it was fixed in a kernel version later than the one in Gutsy. Says he "believes" it was fixed in one of the 2.6.22 kernel revisions.

I was planning on testing the USB UIRT with the Hardy kernel linked to above, but now I'm not. I'm just going to buy the Iguana Works one.

I'd personally consider this bug closed. Do I mark it, or is there an administrator who marks it?