Activity log for bug #1747069

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2018-02-02 20:00:10 Andy Whitcroft bug added bug
2018-02-02 20:00:26 Andy Whitcroft linux (Ubuntu): assignee Colin Ian King (colin-king)
2018-02-02 20:00:30 Andy Whitcroft linux (Ubuntu): importance Undecided High
2018-02-02 20:00:33 Andy Whitcroft linux (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2018-02-03 17:42:36 Colin Ian King linux (Ubuntu): status Confirmed In Progress
2018-02-09 10:06:11 Colin Ian King description It seems all of the artful 4.13 are crashing on i386 install when memory hotplug removal is attempted. This crash occurs a few seconds after the removal. I have done a gross bisect back to the first 4.13.0-11 which is also affected. == SRU Request, Artful == Hotplug removal causes i386 crashes when exercised with the kernel selftest mem-on-off-test script. == Fix == Revert commit f1dd2cd13c4b (""mm, memory_hotplug: do not associate hotadded memory to zones until online") Note: A fix occurs in 4.15 however this requires a large set of changes that are way too large to be SRU'able and the least risky way forward is to revert the offending commit. == Testcase == Running the kernel selftest script, followed by a sync, followed by re-installing kernel packages will always trigger this issue. Simply running the script sometimes won't trigger the problem. I believe this is why we've not seen this happen too frequently with our ADT tests. I can reproduce this in a VM with 4 CPUs and 2GB of memory. == Regression Potential == Reverting this commit does remove some functionality, however this does not regress the kernel compared to previous releases and having a working reliable memory hotplug is the preferred option. This fix does touch some memory hotplug, so there is a risk that this may break this functionality that is not covered by the kernel regression testing.
2018-02-14 09:38:11 Kleber Sacilotto de Souza tags verification-needed-artful
2018-02-14 15:54:10 Colin Ian King tags verification-needed-artful verification-done-artful
2018-02-21 18:56:18 Launchpad Janitor linux (Ubuntu): status In Progress Fix Released
2018-02-21 18:56:18 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2017-15115
2018-02-21 18:56:18 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2017-17712
2018-02-21 18:56:18 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2017-5715
2018-02-21 18:56:18 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2017-5753
2018-02-21 18:56:18 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2017-5754
2018-02-21 18:56:18 Launchpad Janitor cve linked 2017-8824