Comment 426 for bug 1734147

How the fuck am I or anyone supposed to do anything when the USB ports don't work & that's your only way of getting media onto their e notebooks. You blow your own horns about how great you are, find some half arse fix that doesn't make sense to new users wanting to try a Linux system (& selected yours because it's supposed to be the easiest to install blah blah) & now your done leaving loads of people with bricked notebook's they can't sodding well use. I used to believe in you but now all I think about is how you have turned your back on all those who wanted something special other than windows & how you have screwed up & walked away with this fix that is impossible for alot of people to implicate. You should be held accountable for making people have to in the long run buy new notebooks due to your negligence & lust for the top spot for leading OS. You should pay for everyone's notebook etc. that has to be replaced. Hope you have a truly shit new year just like you've made others have.