Comment 6 for bug 1721070


Which branch did you use? I can't find the commits at master or master-next:

[root@ltc-wspoon9 ubuntu-artful]# git log --oneline js-master | head -n 20
1e3dad9 UBUNTU: Ubuntu-4.13.0-12.13
1f46464 UBUNTU: [Config] CONFIG_I2C_XLP9XX=m
39ae1ca perf/x86: Fix data source decoding for Skylake
f473bf9 perf/x86: Move Nehalem PEBS code to flag
30d9497 UBUNTU: [Config] Disable CONFIG_IPMMU_VMSA on arm64
806240e scsi: cxlflash: Fix vlun resize failure in the shrink path
69f4910 fs: aio: fix the increment of aio-nr and counting against aio-max-nr
ebaccf7 libnvdimm, btt: rework error clearing
4bda159 libnvdimm: fix potential deadlock while clearing errors
adfc036 libnvdimm, btt: cache sector_size in arena_info
b79a931 libnvdimm, btt: ensure that flags were also unchanged during a map_read
45f43c2 libnvdimm, btt: refactor map entry operations with macros
36a7c4e libnvdimm, btt: fix a missed NVDIMM_IO_ATOMIC case in the write path
3f6cafd dax: move all DAX radix tree defs to fs/dax.c
52522e9 dax: remove DAX code from page_cache_tree_insert()
54585e3 dax: use common 4k zero page for dax mmap reads
7b6956d dax: relocate some dax functions
a9342b2 mm: add vm_insert_mixed_mkwrite()

[root@ltc-wspoon9 ubuntu-artful]# git log --oneline js-master-next | head -n 20
f30326f4 UBUNTU: Start new release
ba39ad1 UBUNTU: Ubuntu-4.13.0-15.16
655913c Revert "powerpc/powernv: Add IMC OPAL APIs"
4bab524 Revert "powerpc/powernv: Detect and create IMC device"
192a8d2 Revert "powerpc/perf: Add nest IMC PMU support"
1b9f175 Revert "powerpc/powernv: Add support for powercap framework"
386a56a Revert "powerpc/powernv: Add support to set power-shifting-ratio"
8dc96fd Revert "powerpc/powernv: Enable PCI peer-to-peer"
fdea4c4 Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define macros, register fields and structures"
258fa77 Revert "powerpc/powernv: Move GET_FIELD/SET_FIELD to vas.h"
efb0381 Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define vas_init() and vas_exit()"
18c0c36 Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define helpers to access MMIO regions"
b717098 Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define helpers to init window context"
cef2434 Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define helpers to alloc/free windows"
8d6ed22 Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define vas_rx_win_open() interface"
15b835b Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define vas_win_close() interface"
47073e3 Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define vas_tx_win_open()"
5afb9ea Revert "powerpc/powernv/vas: Define copy/paste interfaces"
9cf4ce8 Revert "UBUNTU: [Config] CONFIG_PPC_VAS=y"
b22a1be Revert "crypto/nx: Rename nx842_powernv_function as icswx function"