Comment 0 for bug 1721070

-- Problem Description --
POWER9 DD2.1 and earlier has an issue where some cache inhibited
vector load will return bad data. The workaround is two part, one
firmware/microcode part triggers HMI interrupts when hitting such
loads, the other part is this patch which then emulates the
instructions in Linux.

The affected instructions are limited to lxvd2x, lxvw4x, lxvb16x and

When an instruction triggers the HMI, all threads in the core will be
sent to the HMI handler, not just the one running the vector load.

In general, these spurious HMIs are detected by the emulation code and
we just return back to the running process. Unfortunately, if a
spurious interrupt occurs on a vector load that's to normal memory we
have no way to detect that it's spurious (unless we walk the page
tables, which is very expensive). In this case we emulate the load but
we need do so using a vector load itself to ensure 128bit atomicity is

Some additional debugfs emulated instruction counters are added also.

In order to solve this bug, we need to cherry pick the following patch